Psychology Revision Notes


Abnormality   Abstract    Action Potential    Agentic State    Aims of Custodial Sentencing    Androcentrism   Animal Studies: Attachment    Antidepressant Drugs   Asch Atavistic    Attachment Theory: Parasocial Relationships   Atypical Gender Development 

Authoritarian Personality   Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)   Aversion Therapy   Axon   Absence of Gating 

Accommodation   Addiction   Aggression   Alpha Bias   Androgyny 

Anorexia Nervosa   Anxiety   Asocial stage   Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968)   Attitudes to Food   Atypical Sex Chromosome Patterns 

Autism   Autonomous state   Avoidance   Axon terminal   Absorption Addiction Model   Acetlycholine   Adrenaline   Aim   Amygdala   Anger Management 

Anti-anxiety drugs   Approaches in Psychology   Assimilation 

Attachment   Attribution   Auditory Area   Autonomic Nervous System   Autonomy   Avolition 




Baddeley and Hitch (1974)   Bandura   Bar Chart   Behavioural Categories 

Behavioural Interventions: Reducing Addiction   Behaviourist Approach 

Benzodiazepines   Bias   Biological approach    Biological Explanations: Obesity 

Biological Reductionism    Biological Treatments: OCD    Body Language 

Bowlby (1969)    Brain imaging    Brenda Milner    Bahrick (1975) 

Bandura (1977)    Basal ganglia    Behavioural Economics    Behavioural Treatments: Phobias    Behaviourist Approach    Beta Bias    Biological Determinism    Biological Explanations: OCD    Biological Rhythms 

Biopsychology  Bottom-Up Approach  Bowlby (1988) 

Brain Neurochemistry Explanations: Nicotine Addiction 

Briefing    Bystander effect    Baillargeon's Explanation: Early Infant Abilities 

Bandura, Ross & Ross (1961)    Behaviour Modification (in Custody) 

Behavioural Explanations: Phobias    Behaviourism    Bem Sex Role Inventory 

Beta Blockers    Biofeedback    Biological Explanations: Anorexia Nervosa 

Biological Explanations: Offending Behaviour    Biological Structures 

Bipolar depression    Boundary Model    BPS Code of Ethics 

 Brazelton et al. (1975)    Broca's Area 






Capacity    Case Studies    Central Nervous System    Child Psychology 

Circadian Rhythm   Classical Conditioning: Approaches in Psychology 

Clinical Characteristics: OCD    Co-variables     Cognition & Development 

Cognitive Approach    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Reducing Addiction 

Cognitive Explanations: Depression    Cognitive Neuroscience 

Cognitive Theory: Anorexia Nervosa    Commitment    Comorbidity 

Complementarity    Computer Models    Concordance Rate   Confidentiality 

Confounding Variable    Consistency    Continuity Hypothesis 

Control: Eating Behaviour    Correlational Study    Counterbalancing 

Criminal Psychology    Cross-cultural    Cultural Relativism 

Culture Bias    Cardiovascular Disorders    Causal Explanations 

Challenge    Chromosomes    Class Inclusion   Classical Conditioning: Phobias 

Clinical Characteristics: Phobias    Coding     Cognition and Development 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)    Cognitive Bias 

Cognitive Explanations: Offending Behaviour      Cognitive Priming 

Cognitive Theory: Gambling    Commitment: Social Influence 

Comparison of Approaches    Compliance    COMT Gene     Concurrent Validity 

Conformity    Congruence    Contact Comfort     Control Group 

Control: Stress    Correlation Coefficient    Cortisol    Covert Observation 

Critical Period    Cue Reactivity    Cultural Variations in Attachment 

Culture Influences: Gender    Caregiver-Infant Interactions    Central Executive 

Chi-Squared    Clinical Characteristics: Depression    Closed Questions 

Coding: Content Analysis    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Depression 

Cognitive Distortions    Cognitive Interview    Cognitive Treatments: Depression 

Commitment: Stress    Comparison with Alternatives    Compulsion 

Concordance Rate    Confederates    Conformity to Social Roles 

Conservation    Content Analysis    Control of Extraneous Variables 

Controlled Observation    Correlational Analysis   Counselling Psychology 

Covert Sensitisation    Critical Values    Cultural Influences: Food Preference 

Culture    Custodial Sentencing 





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