What is Kanye West Net Worth Now

Kanye West Net Worth

$400 Million


Kanye West Net Worth


How much money is Kanye West worth?

American producer, rapper, fashion designer, and businessman Kanye West. Kanye West has a $400 million net worth as of this writing. One of the three self-made black millionaires in American history is Kanye West.


After his 2004 album The College Dropout was released, Kanye became extremely well-known. With 21 Grammy wins from 69 nominations, he is currently among the most popular and honored performers in the planet. He has recently turned away from music and toward business, making at least $100 million year from his many ventures. His royalties and other earnings from his Yeezy brand and Adidas collaboration account for the great majority of his earnings.


100% of the Yeezy clothing line is owned by Kanye. Every dollar of sales during his partnership with Adidas resulted in a royalty payment to him. Adidas made $250 million in profit and $2 billion in revenue each year from the Yeezy brand. The Yeezy brand was valued between $4 and $5 billion at the height of his collaboration with Adidas.


According to a March 2021 UBS estimation, Yeezy increases Kanye's net worth by $3–4 billion. According to the same research, Kanye West's past contract with The Gap increased his net worth by $1 billion.



-Has sold 140 million albums and singles during his career and is the wealthiest black individual in US history.


-He also owns real estate worth $100 million.


-Value of music collection is $110 million.


-100% owner of Yeezy


-Receives $150–200 million year in Yeezy royalties.

Early years and professional beginnings

In Atlanta, Georgia, on June 8, 1977, Kanye Omari West was born. When West was three years old, his parents divorced, and he relocated to Chicago, Illinois, with his mother. There, he met DJ/producer No I.D., who served as his mentor, and started experimenting with music. In 1997, he was awarded a scholarship at the American Academy of Art, but he decided to transfer to Chicago State University to study English. At age 20, he eventually quit school to focus on his music career.


After quitting college, West started producing beats for nearby artists while honing his own sound. His first recorded work as a producer was for Chicago rapper Grave's 1996 self-titled debut album. During this time, he also provided music for Foxy Brown, Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie, and Harlem World.


Gaining Notoriety and a Music Career

When he started working as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records in 2000, working with musicians like Ludacris, Alicia Keys, and Janet Jackson, West had his big break. Jay-2001 Z's album The Blueprint, which West produced, attracted a lot of attention for his production skills. He produced music for Jay-Z, Beyoncé, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, and a long list of other artists throughout this time.


West's first ambition was to become a rapper, despite his fame as a producer. After being turned down for a deal with Capitol Records in 2001, he was able to persuade the head of Capitol Records to sign him to Roc-A-Fella Records.


West was moved and recorded the song Through the Wire while his mouth was still wired shut following a serious vehicle accident in October 2002 in which he fractured his jaw. His debut album, The College Dropout, which was leaked months before its intended August 2003 release date, was built on the foundation of this song. West put off the album's release three times so he could remix, remaster, and edit it. He received 10 Grammy Award nominations for The College Dropout, which was eventually released in February 2004 to acclaim and was ultimately certified triple platinum in the US.


West put two million dollars into the making of his second album as he started working on it, including hiring a real string orchestra. By the end of the year, the August 2005 edition of Late Registration had sold more than 2.3 million units in the US. Graduation (2007), 808s & Heartbreak (2008), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010), Watch the Throne (2011), Yeezus (2013), The Life of Pablo (2016), Ye (2018), and Jesus is King are some of his following albums (2019).


2013 saw the release of West's album Yeezus. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, as well as in four additional nations and on the US R&B and US Rap charts. The Life of Pablo, his 2016 album, peaked at #2 on the US Rap and US R&B charts and at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. "FourFiveSeconds," a song by Kanye West featuring Rihanna and Paul McCartney, peaked at number one on the US R&B chart. He received six Grammy nominations for the year 2017. Ye, his subsequent album, debuted in June 2018. Sadly, Ye was Kanye's first studio album to not achieve platinum status.


West has continued to work as a producer and featured performer for other musicians, including as 6ix9ine, XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, and Teyana Taylor, in addition to his own albums and projects. His monthly "Sunday Service" orchestration with the Sunday Service Choir, which they have performed every Sunday since January 2019, is one of his other musical endeavors. He also worked on the operas Nebuchadnezzar and Mary with the contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft.


The Rise Of Yeezy

With his 2009 Air Yeezys sneaker, Yeezy West became the first non-athlete to have a shoe deal with Nike. He has long exhibited an interest in fashion. Along with Louis Vuitton, Bape, and Giuseppe Zanotti, he has also created footwear. In 2011 and 2012, he also debuted two apparel lines during Paris Fashion Week.


Adidas formally unveiled its new shoe collaboration with West in December 2013. The "Light Brown" version of the Yeezy Boost 750 sneaker was first made available on February 14, 2015, only in New York City via the Adidas mobile app, and it sold out in just ten minutes. The Adidas and Yeezy sneaker collaboration had a total of 19 colors and 6 designs as of December 2017. 2015 saw the launch of Season 1 of Kanye West's Yeezy apparel brand with Adidas. Season 2 came out later that year, and Season 3 premiered in February 2016.


Adidas stated in June 2016 that West has signed a long-term partnership with them after the success of his early launches. Kanye typically receives a 10% royalty on Adidas' net sales. In contrast to Adidas.com, he receives a large royalty for goods sold through his own website, YeezySupply.com. Around 10% is his combined average royalty rate.


G.O.O.D Music

Together with Sony BMG, Kanye formed the record label and production outfit G.O.O.D Music in 2004. The term "G.O.O.D." stands for "getting out our dreams." The label now has West, John Legend, Common, Big Sean, Pusha T, Q-Tip, Kacy Hill, and Teyana Taylor among its roster of artists.


Philanthropy and Other Assets

He also owns the business KW Foods LLC, which is the Chicago-based franchisee of the Fatburger fast-food chain. West announced the launch of DONDA, a creative content company named for his late mother Donda West, in January 2012. Along with musicians Jay-Z, Rihanna, Madonna, Chris Martin, and Nicki Minaj, West is also a co-owner of the music streaming service Tidal. The majority of the concerned parties have an equal ownership of 3%.


His charitable endeavors include the Kanye West Foundation, which supports Latino and African American children's education, as well as donations of time, talent, and money to groups like Live Earth, World Water Day, and Hurricane Katrina assistance.


Real Estate

Around $160 million worth of real estate is owned by Kanye West in the US (land, buildings, and homes).


The main home of Kim and Kanye is a sizable mansion in Hidden Hills, a Los Angeles neighborhood. This estate is made up of several interconnected parcels, the first of which was purchased in 2014 for $23 million in two distinct deals. Their initial property consisted of a brand-new mansion on 4.5 acres. The couple then spent millions of dollars over several years modifying, enlarging, and customizing the house. In order to build a combined 7.5-acre monstrosity, they added two separate transactions for surrounding properties in 2019.


To build the Hidden Hills estate, a remarkable $28.5 million was spent on real estate deals alone. Renovation costs have increased by tens of millions.


Their Hidden Hills property is currently valued at more than $60 million. Kim paid Kanye $23 million in September 2021 to formally put the home in her name. The contents of the house cost about $3 million of that total.


Kanye invested $57.3 million in a Malibu beachfront home in September 2021.


A few further real estate assets are:


  • A $16 million, 320-acre estate in Calabasas located on Stokes Canyon Road. His Sunday services have been held here, and he attempted to construct a number of dome-shaped buildings there before being prevented from doing so by the LA County building commission due to permit problems.


  • Bighorn Mountain Property, a 6,700-acre ranch in Wyoming, is for sale for $15 million.

The Monster Lake Ranch is a 1,400-acre ranch that costs $14 million.


  • A commercial building in Cody, Wyoming, worth $2 million


  • He owns $120 million in publicly available real estate, including $150 million in California real estate and $30 million in Wyoming real estate.


Kanye Personal Life

West dated model Amber Rose from 2008 to 2010 after dating designer Alexis Phifer intermittently from 2002 to 2008. In April 2012, he started dating reality star Kim Kardashian. In May 2014, they got married. The couple has four kids altogether.


Kanye west net worth


What Happened to Kanye West in 2022?

In the first half of 2022, Kanye West's net worth was $1.8 billion, but it has since fallen to about $400 million as a result of his outspoken antisemitic tirades. adidas and a host of partners, including Gap, Balenciaga, CAA, JPMorgan Chase, Peloton, and Foot Locker, pulled Ye products from their collections and severed connections with the disgraced rapper throughout the month of October 2022. According to Page Six, several admirers attempted to restore his billionaire title by starting a number of GoFundMes, but the original and copies have since been taken down. Ye's four out of his five streams of income have reportedly been either totally shut down or seriously jeopardized, according to people acquainted with his finances, which has led them to anticipate that he will have a financial crisis in the coming months.

Kanye West Net Worth

 (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)


According to Forbes, the adidas acquisition alone was estimated to be worth $1.5 billion. With the debut of his Yeezy brand deal with Gap, which was also terminated on October 25, 2022, Forbes verified that the rapper's stated $6.6 billion net worth in 2021—which made him the richest Black person in America—was an inflated estimate. "Antisemitism, racism, and bigotry in any form are reprehensible and not accepted in accordance with our beliefs," Gap declared in a statement. His ex, Kim Kardashian, has now surpassed him as the more valued name, so to speak. As of 2022, she is worth $1 billion.


Did Kanye and Kim get a prenup?

Many fans have questioned whether Kanye and Kim have a prenup because of all of their wealth, especially since his wife filed for divorce in February 2021.


Two months before their May 2014 wedding, Kanye and Kim reportedly signed a prenup, according to a 2014 article. In the case of a divorce, the agreement states that Kim will get $1 million for each year she spends with Kanye (up to a maximum of $10 million). Additionally, according to Radar Online, even if they divorce, Kim will continue to be covered by Kanye's $20 million life insurance policy for the rest of her life. The website asserts that Kanye and Kim's prenup did not contain a custody provision. North was the only child the couple had at the time of their marriage.


"The entire process for the prenup for Kim and Kanye has been really straightforward, and quite drama-free." The source then made a reference to Kim's first ex-husband, Kris Humphries. "Kanye was willing to give Kim complete access to all of his financial holdings and didn't even believe the pair needed a prenup. He really does love Kim that much. There are significant differences between this and Kim's prenuptial agreement with Kris Humphries, which took months to prepare. It was tiresome and drawn out.


Kanye West has previously experienced financial difficulties. Kanye stated on Twitter in 2016 that he owed $53 million on personal loans after starting his own unsuccessful clothing line, Pastelle, in 2009 using his own money. Following the debut of Pastelle, Kanye also developed his own clothing brand, G.O.O.D., with the intention of targeting the label's followers. However, the label (as well as G.O.O.D.) shut down seven months after Pastelle's debut. Kanye had other failed businesses as well. He introduced the Kanye West luxury womenswear collection in 2011. But the line was never able to reach the shops. According to Jean Touitou, the creator of the French label A.P.C., which collaborated with Kanye on capsule collections, his fashion venture cost him $30 million in debt.


But as can be seen from Kanye West's net worth, the "Stronger" artist recovered his losses and turned a profit. The Yeezy Boost 750 was the first product that Kanye collaborated on with adidas. He continued the theme with a number of further shoes, including the Yeezy 950, 350 Cleat, Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas, and 700 Boost. Kanye also introduced Yeezy Season 1, his first collection of Yeezy apparel, in 2015.


Kanye's revenue varies still. The Grammy winner stated that he received $68 million in tax returns at the time of the interview in a 2019 appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. "Last year, despite earning $115 million, I was still $35 million in debt. I recently received $68 million back on my tax returns this year, I glanced up, he claimed at the time. 'Oh, don't talk about these numbers,' people say. No, people need to hear about these kinds of numbers from someone who was forced into debt by the system and is now serving Christ.


Are Kim and Kanye still friends?

While we cannot say for sure what Kim and Kanye's relationship is like behind closed doors, it seems as though they are remaining cordial for the sake of their children. In fact, the two were recently spotted together on a family outing with their kids in Miami.


It seems that Kanye is also trying to keep things amicable between himself and Kim. He recently tweeted that he is "working on his relationship" with the SKIMS founder, adding that he loves her "very much."


Who was Kanye West Mum?

Kanye's mum, Donda West, was a university professor and Chair of the English Department at Chicago State University. She also worked as a Program Director for the non-profit organisation Black Excellence. Donda raised Kanye on her own after divorcing his father when he was just three years old.


Donda West passed away on November 10, 2007, at the age of 58. The cause of her death was cited as "coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors" related to cosmetic surgery procedures that she had undergone the week before her death.

The Donda School

In July of 2020, Kanye announced that he was opening up a school in his mother's honor. The Donda Social Justice Collaborative School as located in Chicago and was set to open in the fall.


The school will focus on "socially engaged art" and will offer courses like music production, poetry, visual arts, and more, according to CNN


"It's time for us as a country to fight for our lives. To have young people that are dedicated to learning the skills and knowledge necessary to be proactive and fight for justice is incredibly important," said Dr. Martell Miller, CEO of the school. "This school will provide an innovative and well-rounded curriculum that will inspire and equip our future leaders with the tools they need to effect change in their communities."


The closing of Donda School

In October 2022, just two years after its opening, the Donda Social Justice Collaborative School in Chicago closed its doors for good.

The decision to close the school was made by the board of directors, who said in a statement that "the current educational landscape is not conducive to innovation."

"It is with great sadness that we announce the closing of the Donda Social Justice Collaborative School," the statement said. "Despite our best efforts, the current educational landscape is not conducive to innovation and we have made the difficult decision to close our doors."


Kanye and Anti-Semitism Remarks

Following the loss of numerous significant collaborations due to his antisemitic remarks, Kanye West claims to have lost $2 billion in a single day this week.



The rapper, also known as Ye, posted a message to Ari Emanuel, the CEO of the entertainment and media agency Endeavor, who had urged businesses to stop working with the rapper due to his recent string of anti-Semitic remarks.


Having reclaimed control of his account after being suspended for posting hate speech, West stated on Instagram, "Ari Emanuel, I lost 2 billion dollars in one day and I'm still alive." "This is a discourse of love. Still, I adore you. God still cares about you. Money does not define who I am. Who I am is the people.


It was widely believed that West lost his billionaire title as a result of the breakup of various business and fashion connections due to the rapper's recent antisemitic comments as well as his promotion of "White Lives Matter"-themed clothes at Paris Fashion Week. Political officials in California, as well as LA's entertainment and fashion industry people who had previously collaborated with the rapper, have been alarmed by recent anti-Semitic acts.


With West's Adidas deal alone valued at an estimated €250 million, Adidas, Balenciaga, Gap, and other brands have declared they will no longer collaborate with him. He was also dropped by his longstanding talent agency CAA, and a recently finished documentary about the singer has been shelved.


Following Adidas' decision to part ways with West, the rapper and fashion designer arrived "unannounced and without invitation" at the Skechers corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. The company claimed that West was involved in "unauthorized filming" and that it "had no intention of working with West" as it was removed out of the facility.


Donda Academy, a private, non-accredited institution run by West in California, declared its impending closure. According to Hollywood Unlocked, the principal, Jason Angell, claimed in an email to parents that the choice was "at the discretion of our founder," but that the school intends to "begin afresh in September of 2023."


Where next for Kanye?

It is yet to be seen what West will do next, but it is clear that his comments have cost him dearly. His recent actions have not only lost him business deals and collaborations, but also the support of the Jewish community, which has been a key part of his fan base. Only time will tell if West can recover from this setback, or if he will continue to spiral downwards.

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