Relationships & Mental Health

  • Reconnecting with Someone You Dated Briefly: How to Pick Up the Pieces

    When you reconnect with someone you dated briefly, there are some things you need to know in order to make things work.
  • The Silent Killer: How Emotional Neglect Affects Children

    A child's emotional health is just as important as their physical health. Learn the signs of emotional neglect and what you can do to help your child.
  • The Gut Feeling You're Meant to be With Someone: How to Follow Your Instincts and Find Love

    Do you ever get a feeling that you're supposed to be with someone? Here are some tips on how to follow your instincts and find love.
  • 11 Things Narcissistic Mothers Say to Manipulate You

    If you've ever had a conversation with a narcissistic mother, you know how manipulative and confusing they can be. Here are 11 common phrases narcissists use to control their victims.
  • Daughters of narcissistic mothers: a guide to finding yourself

    This article is for daughters of narcissistic mothers who are ready to find themselves again. If you want more self-love, this guide will help you learn how to do it in a healthy way.
  • How to Meet New Friends: The Ultimate Guide

    Are you looking for ways to meet new friends? This guide has everything you need to get started, from finding social events to online tools that can help.
  • Is It Okay to Kiss Your Best Friend (Same Gender)?

    What's the verdict? Can best friends kiss and maintain their friendship status quo, or will things get awkward?
  • Can Best Friends Kiss Each Other on the Lips? The Surprising Answer

    Best friends share everything -- including a kiss. But is it okay to kiss your best friend on the lips? Read more and find out.
  • Can Best Friends Kiss? The Surprising Answer

    What happens when best friends kiss? Is there any difference between kissing a best friend and someone you're romantically attracted to? Read on to find out!
  • What Kind of Narcissist Are You? Find Out With This Quiz!

    Taking a quiz isn't the most productive thing in the world, but for those who are curious about their narcissism levels, here is an entertaining (and silly) test.
  • Love Test

    Take our quiz to find out how you can make your love life even better!
  • What's your emotional intelligence?

    Find out what your emotional intelligence is and why it matters. Take our quiz to get your score!
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