EXCLUSIVE: I'm A Celeb's Gina is left to fly home alone by Matt Hancock, who stays to cash in on his fame.

Matt Hancock had said before that he would go back to his constituents as soon as his time in camp was over, but he is now staying longer Down Under. He has left his girlfriend Gina Coladangelo behind to fly home with his I'm a Celebrity campmates.

Matt Hancock's trip to Australia isn't over yet. The MP who isn't in the country is still there, but without his girlfriend.
The MP for West Suffolk left his girlfriend Gina Coladangelo to fly home alone while he stayed in Australia to cash in on his newfound fame after appearing on I'm a Celebrity.

Gina, who awkwardly hugged Mr. Hancock on the jungle bridge on Sunday night, left the country with some of Mr. Hancock's celebrity campmates, while the former health secretary is still away from his constituents.

Mr. Hancock's extended stay in Australia is because he hasn't said when he plans to go back to work as an MP, and his team hasn't been able to confirm if he will donate ALL of his I'm a Celebrity fee to charity, as has been suggested.

"But he let her fly home alone so he could get a big interview and make more money.

Mr. Hancock, who is 44 years old, came in third place on I'm a Celebrity on Sunday night. When he got back to the JW Marriott Hotel on the Gold Coast, he couldn't keep his hands off his girlfriend Gina.

Then, they put on white and had drinks at the hotel before joining the other contestants for a three-hour dinner party at La Luna restaurant at the Marina Mirage.

When asked when he would go back to work, Mr. Hancock smiled and held Gina's hand as they walked back to their room.

Mr. Hancock wrote about his decision to do the show a few days before he went into the Jungle. He said, "As soon as my time in camp is up, I'll go back to Suffolk to hold a surgery where I'll catch up with my constituents and talk about issues that are important to them."

But he left camp around 8 a.m. Monday morning in Australia, and he won't be able to fly home until late Tuesday night. He hasn't talked to anyone by phone or email in three weeks, but he still thought he had time to relax on Monday.

Millions of people across the country criticised Mr. Hancock's time in the jungle for many reasons, such as the fact that he is still an MP and makes £84,144 a year, his behaviour in government, how he handled the Covid-19 pandemic, and questions about contracts given to private companies while he was Health Secretary.

Before leaving his constituents in West Suffolk to go to Australia to be on an ITV reality show, Mr. Hancock explained why he was going. He said he was going to "make a donation" to charity with the money he made from his jungle stint.

On Sunday night, Mr. Hancock's office was unable to confirm if ALL of the politician's fee for appearing on I'm a Celebrity will be given to charity.


Representatives for Mr. Hancock said this evening that "the donations will be worked out when Matt comes back" and that they are in touch with both the British Dyslexia Association and St. Nicholas Hospice, which they say are "very happy with that arrangement."

But when the Mirror asked Mr. Hancock more than once if he planned to give all of his I'm a Celebrity appearance fee, which was said to be around £400,000, to charity and good causes, they never got a clear answer.

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