Home Schooling Maths

Home schooling maths


Since the Covid19 outbreak, some parents have elected to homeschool their children permanently. Remote learning refers to education provided online by school teachers, typically via an internet platform. Homeschooling and online education are different. Online education [3] is learning solely via online platforms like the MyTutor platform[13].

A parent, who decides to educate their child at home, is referred to as a homeschooler. The parent provides one-on-one learning environments for their child. They teach their children the school curriculum, English, Maths and Science.

Parents can also focus on

  • culture
  • values
  • behaviours
  • religion
  • current affairs

As a result of your determination, you've decided to homeschool your child. What's next? The idea of making so many decisions can be overwhelming. Home schooling can be a challenge. Here is a video [8] of 5 things you might want to know before homeschooling. We will now explore home schooling Maths.

Home schooling Maths

Teaching Maths can be challenging for parents who struggle with the subject. Some parents may not know the new GCSE requirements and need help with this. Parents use online platforms to supplement their child’s education. One of the best places to find lessons and ideas for GCSE Maths is BNMS Academy[4]. Here, you will find the best online Maths for homeschool.

Mental Health support of homeschooling

It is critical to consider the mental health [5] of the child and the parent.

  • The parent is under a lot of pressure to maintain and build the educational achievement for their child.
  • They are often maintaining a professional career of their own.
  • They are tasked with balancing work and homeschool in the same environment.

Social Development

The social development of a youngster can be harmed if they are not surrounded by peers regularly. Social interaction is vital to a teens social, emotional and mental development.

There is no doubt that homeschooling can eliminate the chance of bullying. Bullying is rampant in schools and is often cited as a rationale for homeschooling.

Emotional Development

Parents who homeschool their children are apprehensive about their child's emotional and social development.

Parents organise educational learning and playtimes for their children. Homeschooling may lead to better relationships with elders because the youngster spends more time at home.

A child's emotional and social development is supported if they take advantage of resources, such as

  • clubs
  • social media groups

Is homeschooling the best option

For some families, home education isn't the best option. For others, it may be ideal. Others have returned their children to public school because homeschooling isn't the best option. It's vital to remember that there is a wealth of support available, from social media groups to online service providers like BNMS academy. Here are some tips on homeschooling successfully [2].

Home schooling maths

How to teach homeschool Maths

Warm-up with mental math.

In addition to preparing your child's brain for math, mental math problems provide oral practice. These include addition and multiplication facts.

Explain the lesson's purpose.

“Today, you will practise adding two-digit numbers.” I often forget this, and it's incredible how much it helps when kids know what to focus on.

Use what your youngster already knows.

Consider what your child already understands about the lesson topic. “What are cubed numbers?” What do you know about them?” Children recall concepts better when they are connected to previous knowledge. This helps to boost confidence.

Illustrations using photos and manipulatives

Manipulatives can be simple. You'll be amazed at what you can print or construct from ordinary household objects.

Develop comprehension

Emphasise “how” and “why” to gain comprehension.

Instead of teaching a method of memorising, teach your youngster why each step works. Consider this addition problem.

Review your child's work immediately

If possible, review your child's work immediately. That way, they can quickly rectify any errors. You can decide whether to go on to the next lesson or re-teach this topic.

Can Khan Academy be used for homeschooling?

Yes, it could be used to complement the best Maths programme for home school. However, on its own, it does not provide a significant advantage. The Khan academy's focus is too broad. You want a programme that is focussed on home school Maths activities. Your child's education would benefit from a programme proven successful for students of varying abilities.

Home schooling maths

Learning Gaps

In recent years, the number of pupils who choose to home school has increased significantly. Due to the pandemic's impact on children's schooling, parents are concerned about long-term effects. According to a BBC article in July 2021 school year, 75% of UK students registered for home education. Students who enter high school in September will face learning gaps.

The Best Maths programme for Homeschool

For the first time in history, all of the Maths GCSE syllabus is available online. This raises the question, "How to teach homeschool Maths?"

Digital learning platforms have made it feasible for students to master the entire Maths GCSE syllabus utilising a combination of

  • video lessons,
  • discussion modules
  • live sessions

Learn about the best Maths program for home school here.

Home School Maths worksheets

BNMS Academy has free downloadable Homeschooling Maths worksheets [9] to help children learn math. The math worksheets are available on a range of topics. Parents use homeschooling math worksheets to give their children practice. Home schools use revision and practice booklets to develop and strengthen Maths skills in their children. Click here for revision and practice book [12] we recommend.

Choosing the Right Learning Platform

When it comes to digital learning, dynamic technology is crucial. It is imperative that learning platforms are robust enough to

  • push and question students,
  • query what they have learned,
  • question students understanding,
  • produce positive learning results.

In this case, it is critical to keep an eye on student development and evaluate the material they've covered.

How to identify an effective learning Platform

Successful virtual learning necessitates some form of physical intervention. Progress can only be measured and reviewed if intervention is present. As a teaching tool, online learning can be very effective, but it only works if it is

  • tracked,
  • evaluated,
  • supervised in the real world.
  • feedback given
  • revisit topic
  • re-learn
  • and the cycle repeats

Best Maths programme for homeschool

The best Maths programme for homeschool is ‘Pass you GCSE Maths in 4 weeks.’ [11] Benefits include:

  • A study regimen students used to obtain top grades in GCSE mathematics!
  • Students have used it to get A/A* grades (8/9)
  • Any GCSE/IGCSE mathematical student can use it
  • This covers the new UK GCSE Maths (9-1) specification.
  • Tacking common misconceptions which are crucial.

Other Benefits include

  • Easily recall what you need to know for your exams
  • demonstration of how to tackle the most difficult topics on camera
  • What to do a few days before your exam
  • Why you don't need to study past papers at this time.
  • A simple method will allow you to spend up to 50% of your time on activities you enjoy!


  • You can ace all of your other GCSE exams if you follow the tips covered.
  • Pointers on how to get a perfect score on your test.
  • Help alleviate exam-related tension and anxiety.
  • As a private candidate, how to get into the exam
  • How to save money on the entry fee.

Do homeschool children lag behind?

Do students lag or outpace those who attend public schools?

A benefit of homeschooling is students work at their own pace and on their schedule. The National Home Education Research Institute concluded that homeschoolers' average standardised test score was in the 87th percentile. This is in comparison to the 50th percentile for children in public schools. Children could be several grades ahead or behind in some subjects.

How to homeschool year 10 and 11

If your child has to resort to homeschooling in their GCSE years, don’t worry. When it comes to preparing for GCSEs, the school system is rigid and extremely difficult for a child with

  • Mental Health issues
  • Medical considerations
  • extreme SEN needs
  • Emotional needs

Homeschooling would be best for both years 10 and 11.

Adjust Homeschool programme

You have leeway to make adjustments to your child’s educational programme. If you don't want your child to take exams, look into alternative equivalent qualifications [10]. You can alleviate some of the stress by engaging youngsters in activities that they enjoy. Many homeschool students only take as many IGCSEs as they need to get into the college or job they want.

Alternative to GCSEs

It's debatable whether a child who is not academically motivated and struggles should take many exams. You'll be amazed at how many alternative options [1] are available to your child. Some children are hands-on pupils, and they acquire knowledge through that method. Your child has the opportunity to enter the workforce rather than attend college or university.


Feeling isolated is the first symptom of homeschooling. Both parents and children need socialising. Consider joining a support group if you have not done so already. Here is a video of some of the most frequently asked questions about homeschooling [7].

It's also possible to commit too early to a curriculum. Some new homeschoolers purchase inappropriate pre-packaged Maths curriculum. Only to recognise that it does not fit their child's learning style. For Maths GCSE, we recommend BNMS Academy (http://www.bnmsacademy.co.uk/ [4].

Remember that you'll have to learn on the fly. It can be challenging to adjust to the freedom and flexibility that comes with home schooling Maths. There are numerous ways to accomplish your goal. Keep in mind that you'll be defining (and redefining) yourself as you go along.

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