Learning with games and platforms like Spelling Frame 

Learning with games


Let's face it, kids are glued to screens these days. But rather than fearing this new development in technology, parents should take advantage of the benefits that gaming apps offer. The best way for your children to learn is by doing, and there are some great games out there that can aid your child to develop skills they'll need in school while having fun at the same time!

learning with games

The next time you see them playing on their phone or tablet and want them to stop, think about how much more productive they could be with a few minutes of educational gameplay. You just might find yourself joining them on screen by the end of summer!

How does games help in learning?

As we all know, games are the most interesting part of every child's life. They spend their time playing various types of games and also learn a lot from them. What is the reason behind this? It is because a game provides a platform for enhancing creativity and learning process simultaneously with fun. A child becomes engrossed deeply in playing a game and starts learning unconsciously.

learning with games

There are many benefits of games for enhancing the learning process in children. They can improve problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, and so on. Moreover, games make children learn new things quickly and easily. For example, children can learn about history, geography, mathematics, and other subjects while playing games.

learning with games

Apart from academics, games also help in developing social skills in children. They learn to interact with others, work as a team, and resolve conflicts. In fact, many schools are now using games as teaching tools for better learning outcomes. So, if you want your kid to excel in academics and other activities, show him how to play games.

Do learning games help students learn?

There is research evidence to suggest that certain types of learning games can indeed help students learn. In a research article first published in the journal "Educational Technology Research and Development", researchers found that playing a simple instructional game helped students use the knowledge they learned in the game more than watching an interactive multimedia presentation or simply reading the text.

Educational games in maths

One way to make maths fun and engaging for children is to use educational games. Educational games can help children learn maths concepts in a fun and memorable way.

There are many different educational games children can play to learn maths concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Using educational games can help children develop a better understanding of maths and improve their skills.

Are you Home schooling? Check out this article on home schooling maths.

learning with games

Some popular maths educational games include Sudoku, crosswords and other puzzles. These games can help children improve their problem-solving skills, logic and reasoning abilities.

There are also many educational maths apps available for children to download and use. Some popular maths apps include Maths vs Zombies, Monster Maths and Crazy Maths.

Educational Games That Are Fun

When you think of educational games, what comes to mind? Most likely, you imagine something that is dry and boring. However, that does not have to be the case. In fact, there are many educational games that are actually quite fun. Here are a few examples:

What is Spelling frame co.uk?

Spellingframe was designed in order to assist in removing the reading obstacle. Every single phrase is said loudly. Additionally, every word is broken down into syllables (or, for EYFS / Year 1 words, phonemes), and these are read aloud as well as the words themselves. All of the words are also supplied in a phrase, with each sentence being read out, to ensure that youngsters understand the meanings of all of the terms.

Learning geography: games map

There are multiple ways to learn geography. One fun and interesting way are to use games maps. Games maps can help children learn about the world and the map.

A game that helps children learn geography is Orboot. This game takes players to different parts of the world and challenges them to guess the location based on its surroundings. Orboot is a great way for children to learn about different parts of the world.

Maps are great to use for games because they provide the backdrop for the game and help children learn about the world.

Games to help learn about Dinos

There are many different educational games that can be played to help learn about dinos. One game is to see if players can identify different types of dinos by the sound they make.

One game is to give each person a sheet of paper and have them draw different dinosaurs. Once everyone is done, they can trade drawings with others and see if they can correctly identify the dinos.

Another favourite game of many is to have a pretend dinosaur battle. Each person can choose a different dinosaur and then act out a battle between the two. This can be done by either making sounds or even using puppets to represent the dinos.

No matter which game is played, it is sure to be a fun and educational experience. Learning about dinos is a great way to introduce children to science, and what better way to learn than through games?


Learning with games for kids, as we have seen, is vital. The current generation of children are growing up quickly, and it is important that they have the skills that are needed to succeed in today's world. One way parents can help their child develop these skills is by incorporating educational games into their daily routine. Educational video games come in all forms - puzzles, strategy based board-games, arcade shooters, etc., so there should be something out there your child will love!

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