Why being out in nature is beneficial for your mental health.

nature for mental health

You know, I can't really understand why people don't go into the wilderness more often. Imagine spending a day in the middle of nature, completely undisturbed. No phone, no internet. The only sounds are the leaves rustling in the wind and birds chirping. Wouldn't that be nice?

I, for one, enjoy going outside every day, and to me, there's no better place to escape from the everyday routine than a forest or a beach. Those places are calm and relaxing, they make you forget all your worries for a short time. No wonder people feel really refreshed after spending some time in nature!

I think getting away from city life is important because you can just be alone with your thoughts and recharge. It's healthy for the body AND the mind! This article aims to explain why this is so and dispel some popular myths about spending time in nature.

Its not just going outdoors but you can also bring nature indoors as well. Check out this video on the health benefits of indoor plants.

Feel better with nature

Nature really does have a positive outcome on physical and psychological health. Scientists have been studying this topic intensively, thoroughly documenting the findings. The results show that nature really can make you feel better, both physically and mentally.[1]

I could easily write a whole article based on the physical health benefits of spending time in nature, but instead, I'll focus on the psychological effects and leave it to a later date.

This article is mainly geared towards those who don't particularly enjoy spending time outside, so if you do it regularly, feel free to scroll down to read about how nature can help us psychologically!

nature for mental health

The key to better mental health is simple: unplug from technology

Getting away from technology and pollution positively influences our mental health because it's easy to feel overwhelmed nowadays. We live in the 21st century, where we have access to more information than ever before, and we're constantly connected through technology. As a result, many suffer from stress and anxiety because of too much stimulus.

This study [2] shows that even looking at greenery can help us relax and decrease our blood pressure. The research included a group that had to spend 2 hours in nature and another group that stayed inside. The results show that the participants who spent time outside had lower blood pressure after the experiment, suggesting less stress.

So spending some time outside is an easy way to relax and calm yourself down! And this article from Time magazine goes into detail about why exactly being in nature can have a relaxing effect on us.

nature for mental health

Get the boost your immune system needs

One study [3] showed that just looking at greenery is enough to reduce stress and improve mood. This research also suggests that people feel better after spending time in nature because they're exposed to phytoncides.

Phytoncides are chemicals from trees, plants, and flowers that positively affect the human body.

These chemicals are released when plants are damaged, making sense because nature always strives to balance. These phytoncides can help us fight off viruses and bacteria, but they're also believed to boost the immune system.

You see, nature is all about helping each other out. After all, humans are animals, so we have an intrinsic connection with nature. This study suggests that this bond is based on the fact that both humans and nature thrive when they're in balance.

So spending time outside can help regulate your mood and reduce stress. By exposing yourself to phytoncides, you allow the chemicals to improve your immune system. So it's true, nature really is good for your health!

nature for mental health

Be healthy, happy, and self-confident. Go outside!

Nature has a calming effect that makes us feel secure and secure people live longer. The benefits of spending time in nature are huge, and they don't only include physical health! According to this study [4], there's a clear connection between self-esteem (feeling good about yourself), health, and happiness.

So if you really want to improve your overall mental health, take a break from technology every once in a while! Being outside is scientifically proven to make us feel better about ourselves, positively contributing to your self-esteem.

Feeling good about yourself is crucial for living the life you want since it affects your job, family, and social life. Going outside has many benefits. It's time to make sure you aren't missing out!

nature for mental health

How Adaptable Are You?

As humans, we are very adaptable creatures. We can survive in almost any kind of environment as long as the temperature is right for us. But there are certain factors that limit our ability to adapt: climate and noise.

Climate is, for instance, the temperature of the air and humidity and how much it rains. For example, people living in colder regions tend to have thicker skin and more fat, which helps them keep warm. Luckily there are many ways to adapt to these conditions in order to survive in areas that might not be 100% comfortable.

On the other hand, noise is a factor we can't control. It might be quite hard to believe, but nature was a lot louder before humans started to build cities and towns. But now that there's all this noise from cars, planes, and factories, it has been proven that people become stressed out more easily.

This leads us back to studying the positive effect nature has on our health and stress levels. The results show that there's a link between noise, stress, and the immune system. This means that we might be more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria because of all the noise pollution we're exposed to.

nature for mental health

Nature can help you balance your immune system and give you back that positive energy you need to succeed! So if you ever feel like your body is under too much pressure, take a break from the city!

Breathe in some fresh air with a good book or go for a swim in the ocean.

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