Yum Yum Mama Electric Scrapping Body Massager

Yum Yum Mama Electric Scrapping Body Massager

The Yum Yum Mama Body Sense cellulite machine's massage heads sculpt your body to perfection!

Are you bothered by unsightly 'orange peel' skin on your legs, arms, or buttocks? Dieting will not help you get rid of it because it will cause your skin to sag and worsen the situation!

Using this electric massager increases blood circulation and drains lymph nodes, smoothing and tightening the skin and reducing fatty deposits that cause cellulite. An infrared light enhances the warming effect of the massage on your skin. Infrared has been shown to reduce cellulite by destroying fat cells and stretching and firming the collagen tissues in your skin.

4 massage heads for targeted treatment

Anti-cellulite massager  Body Sense

The Yum Yum Mama Body Sense Anti-Cellulite Massager has four different massage heads, making it a true all-purpose massager. Depending on the head you select, you can:


Get rid of cellulite

Cellulite can be excruciatingly painful.

Muscle pain should be relieved.

Encourage firmness

Increase blood flow

Muscle tone is important.

Clear your lymphatic system.

Warm your muscles up.

Relaxation and stress relief


The instruction manual includes a handy guide that will assist you in selecting the appropriate programme for the type of cellulite you have – there are three types, as explained below:


Oedematous cellulite: spongy but not harmful. When you touch it or move it, it moves.

Painful cellulite: when the area is pressed, pain is felt.

Cystic cellulite is grainy and difficult to touch. Stretch marks are frequently present.

All of these types of cellulite, as well as fluid retention, constipation, and tiredness, can be treated with your cellulite massager. You can have smooth, lump-free skin that you'll be proud to show off in less than 15 minutes per day.

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