Why is my TikTok not working? Users complain of not being able to log into the social media giant or post any videos

Why is my TikTok not working


The complaints by Tiktok users not being able to post videos or log into their account began trickling in from last night. The social media giant has not yet issued any statement on the matter, leaving users frustrated.


Some users were able to access the app after a while, but they said that they could not post anything. TikTok has not responded to requests for comment.


TikTok is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms today, with over 1 billion members globally. It has evolved into a fantastic source of entertainment where anyone can view and publish videos.


However, TikTok, like many other apps, has bugs and troubles from time to time. Such difficulties can impair user experiences. TikTok not working is one such situation.


While no firm wants their customers to have problems with their products, it is sometimes unavoidable.


If the problem or issue is within the program itself, there isn't much you can do but wait for the firm to fix it. However, if something on your device or other factors is creating the problem, you can attempt various ways to resolve it.


How Can It Be Fixed?

Because there are numerous reasons why your TikTok isn't working, there are also numerous remedies. If you're having difficulty with TikTok, try the solutions listed below.


Restart the app or the device.

Tiktok should be reset.

Temporary difficulties or bugs can cause the software to stop working properly. These small issues can easily be resolved by restarting the app or the device.


Exit the program and close the background tab. Now reopen the app. If this does not resolve the problem, restart your phone. When you reboot your phone, the services and resources are reset.


Closing unneeded background programs and cleaning memory ensures that the app runs smoothly.


Examine Your Internet Connection

Connection to the Internet

TikTok, as you may be aware, requires an internet connection to function. As a result, having no internet connection or an inconsistent network connection can cause the program to stop working. In such circumstances, the videos will continue to load without playing, or the same video will play on loop.


Check that your device is connected to the internet. Check to see if you're using wifi or cellular data.


If you work in a business setting, the network administrator may prohibit you from using the app. In such a circumstance, consider switching to a cellular network.


Update the Application

Updates typically include bug and issue fixes for previous versions. They may also include new features or improvements that assist to improve the app.


Whereas failing to install new updates can result in a variety of problems within the program.


If your TikTok app isn't working, it's possible that you haven't upgraded it to a newer version.


Check the Google PlayStore or AppStore, if you have an iPhone, for any available updates.


If you haven't previously, enable the auto-update applications option to ensure that your apps are automatically updated as soon as new updates are available.


Examine the Server's Status

If there is a problem with Tiktok's server, the app may not work on numerous devices.


Open the app on the smartphones of your friends or family to test if it is working properly. You can also use a browser to access tiktok.com and see if it is operational.


If the app isn't operating anywhere, it could be due to a server problem. There is nothing you can do in such a circumstance. Simply wait for the company to resolve the server issue. It normally takes between a few minutes and a few hours.


Make use of a VPN.

TikTok has been prohibited in countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh due to privacy and security concerns.


If your nation is included on this list, it is possible that TikTok is not working on your device.


But if you can't picture your life without TikTok, you can try moving out of your country or using a VPN instead.


A VPN conceals your device's location and identity, shielding your network and data from malicious entities like your inquisitive neighbor (Just kidding). This lets you to browse the internet without anyone watching your every move.


As a result, you can use a VPN to circumvent restrictions by essentially relocating your device to another country or region.


Clear the App Cache

Caches are temporary files used by apps to make them run faster and more efficiently. However, having too many caches or having corrupted caches can cause the app to hang, crash, or even stop operating.


Fortunately, you can clear the caches without causing any problems.


Follow the procedures below to remove TikTok's app caches:


On your device, launch the TikTok app.

  • Navigate to Profile. In the top-right corner, tap the Options icon.
  • Tap "Fee up space" under "CACHE & CELLULAR DATA."
  • Tap on the Clear button next to Cache.
  • You can also clean the caches using your device's settings. To do so, follow the procedures below based on your device:



  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Navigate to Applications and select TikTok.
  • Navigate to Storage and select Clear cache.



  • Open Settings and select General.
  • Navigate to the Storage section.
  • TikTok should be found and selected.
  • Select the Offload App.
  • Install the app again.


If none of the preceding solutions worked, consider reinstalling the application entirely.


To reinstall the app, you must first uninstall it from your smartphone. Long touch the TikTok app icon on the home screen and confirm by tapping X (iPhone) or Uninstall (Android).


After deleting the software, go to the AppStore or PlayStore and reinstall it. This will install the most recent version of the app on your device. As a result, if you're having problems updating the app, this option can be really helpful.


Contact Customer Service

If the problem persists after reinstalling the app, there may be a problem with your account.

There is nothing you can do but contact support. They may be able to discover and resolve the source of your issue.


Follow the procedures below to contact customer service:


Launch the TikTok app.

Navigate to your profile and select the options icon in the upper right corner.

Tap on Report a Problem under Support.

Select a topic related to your concern or manually search for an issue.

You can also contact TikTok Creator Marketplace support directly.

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