Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson shared a lovely photo of herself in a swimsuit on Instagram on Monday, May 31.

Fans want to know how Rebel lost weight and how much she lost!

Rebel recently astonished her admirers with a photo of herself in a curve-hugging swimsuit. The 41-year-old actress, who dropped a lot of weight in 2020, appears to be embracing her new shape.

rebel wilson weight loss

Many people were perplexed by the actress's most recent Instagram image, which made them question how she managed to shed so much weight.

In December 2020, the Isn't It Romantic posted to Instagram to reveal the secrets behind her remarkable physique change.


Rebel revealed her weight-loss efforts in a nearly hour-long video broadcast on her Instagram on December 2, 2020.

Rebel famously dubbed 2020 the "Year of Health" at the start of the year. For a long time, the actress has assigned themes to her years.
She finally determined that 2020 would be the year she dropped a lot of weight.
Rebel openly admitted at the start of the video that she needed professional support in her weight-loss journey in order to detox.
She admitted to consuming an exorbitant amount of sugar on a daily basis prior to it.

rebel wilson weight loss

Rebel also admitted that he was fortunate enough to be able to hire competent trainers. Despite receiving professional assistance, she went on to demonstrate how much work she had to put in to achieve her goal.


The 41-year-old actress claimed that "walking" was one of the primary physical activities that propelled her to success in her weight-loss journey. She advised her followers who were attempting to reduce weight to walk for at least an hour every day. Walking, according to experts, can be a terrific form of exercise. It is a low-impact aerobic workout that can aid in weight loss.

Rebel also admitted in the Instagram video that she was taken aback by how much she enjoyed the exercise. “Weirdly, I never thought I'd like hiking, walking uphill,” she chuckled. Who would have thought that would be an enjoyable activity?

But frickin' hell, it's good. Get some fresh air into your lungs when you're out in nature. I really enjoy it, so I do it all the time now.”

The Pitch Perfect star also stated that she was engaging in various cardio and weightlifting routines. She also revealed that she now works out six days a week.

She had attained her weight-loss target. By the end of the year, Rebel had achieved her weight-loss goals.


Rebel mentioned that she had to retrain her unhealthy eating habits when discussing her weight loss journey. She admitted to engaging in emotional eating before to embarking on her transformation path.

Rebel mentioned that she ate a high protein diet and drank a lot of water for virtually the full year of 2020. She also mentioned that she attempts to limit her daily calorie intake to 1,500.

The actress also revealed that she was attempting to eat more thoughtfully today, as compared to what she was doing previously. “You feel full, and then you stop eating,” she explained.

She also revealed that she used to eat a whole bag of chips and far too much sweets in a single day.

Rebel also stated that nothing is off-limits in her new diet, but she is seeking for balance.


In an Instagram video, Rebel claimed that she has shed 60 pounds during her Year of Health. Her goal was to lose weight and get down to 165 lb (74 kg).

She previously disclosed in an interview with People Magazine that she was eating 3,000 calories before beginning her weight-loss journey.

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