How to use Netflix Party

Use this free browser extension to remotely watch and pause the same Netflix TV series and movies as your family and friends.

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When we were missing our friends and family the most, Quarantine taught us how to get creative with movie evenings and watch parties.

Netflix Party, a free plugin for the Google Chrome browser, is particularly useful.

This application allows you to remotely start, stop, and pause a Netflix movie or show so you can watch it with a group of friends and family.

There's also a side chat bar where you and your pals can discuss what's going on in the movie, just as you'd do if you were sitting on the sofa together.

Netflix Party helped to alleviate the extreme lack of socialisation that we all experienced throughout this coronavirus reality. Continue reading to learn how to download, install, and use the Netflix Party extension to share your movie viewing with family and friends.

Ensure that everyone in your party has a Netflix account.

To make this work, everyone to whom you send an invite must have Netflix access. If they don't already have an account, Netflix is providing a free 30-day trial to new members. They can renew their account for $9 a month and cancel at any moment if they are not new customers. Depending on the subscription you have, you can also share your Netflix account with two to four other family members.

Install the Google Chrome extension

Everyone will need to download the Netflix Party extension after they have logged into Netflix on their computers. Here's how to do it.

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and navigate to
2. Select the Get Netflix Party for Free option.
3. You will be transported to the Google Chrome web store page where you can download the extension. Click the Add to Chrome button.
4. A pop-up window will appear. Choose Add Extension. In your browser's toolbar, you should now notice a grey NP icon.
Begin viewing movies with your pals.

Now that you've downloaded the extension, you can start viewing TV and movies with your friends and family. Here's how to get going.

1. Log in to Netflix in a new tab on your Google Chrome browser.
2. Locate and click on a programme or movie that you want to watch.
3. The NP (Netflix Party) icon should now be red instead of grey. Select Start the party by clicking the symbol. You'll be the host, therefore you can choose to be the lone controller pausing and playing the show, or you may allow anyone take charge.
4. Copy the URL from the pop-up window and distribute it to everyone you wish to invite to the group.
5. The chat room will be shown on the right side of the screen. You'll be able to see when someone joins the party from there.
6. You may now laugh, cry, and howl with your family and friends, and you'll feel a bit less alone.

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