Teacher Pay Scale: How Much Do Teachers Make?

We have plenty of mothers who are also teachers and marvellously balance their teaching career with their parenting duties. We thought that we will dedicate some space on our blog to really help those who may be interested in teaching as a profession, or are already teachers and would just like to find out more.

Teachers are some of the most important people in our society. They help shape the minds of our children and help them grow into successful adults. It is therefore no surprise that teaching is a highly sought-after profession. But, how much do teachers make? And, how does the teacher pay scale work in the UK? In this blog post, we will answer those questions and more!


What is the pay scale for teachers?

The pay scale for teachers in the UK is set by the government and is based on a number of factors, including experience, qualifications, and responsibilities. Starting salaries for newly qualified teachers ECT's (Formally NQT's) range from £26,948 to £32,157. salaries for experienced teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) range from £30,883 to £50,935.


See the table below for an outline of a classroom teachers salary in England (2021-2022) for those working in the fringe.

teacher pay scale


What is meant by the fringe areas?

If you are teaching in any of the following areas you will be on the teachers' pay spine for the fringe: Bracknell Forest, Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead in Berkshire; South Bucks and Chiltern in Buckinghamshire; Basildon, Brentwood, Epping Forest, Harlow, Thurrock in Essex; Broxbourne, Dacorum, East Herts, Hertsmere, St Albans, Three Rivers, Watford in Hertfordshire; Medway in Kent.

What is the outer London pay scale?

 teacher pay scale

Where in England is considered outer London?

If you are working in a school in any of the following boroughs, then you will receive the outer London pay salary: Barking & Dagenham, Barnet, Bexley, Brent, Bromley, Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames , Merton , Newham , Redbridge , Richmond upon Thames , Sutton and Waltham Forest.


What is the Inner London teacher pay scale?

 teacher pay scale


Where is considered inner London?

If you are working in any of the following boroughs, you will be on the inner London pay scale: Camden, City of London , Hackney , Hammersmith & Fulham, Haringey, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth, Lewisham, Newham , Southwark , Tower Hamlets and Westminster.


How does the teacher pay scale work?

There are nine different points on the pay scale, which range from £26,948 for newly qualified teachers (ECT's) to £50,935 for experienced teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).


When did NQT change to ECT?

NQT changed to ECT in 2021. This was changed because the government felt that the term ‘newly qualified teacher’ was no longer accurate, as many newly qualified teachers had already been teaching for a number of years.


Do ECT teachers get paid?

Yes, ECT teachers are paid. Their salaries start at £26,948-£32,157 (depending on where you work in England).

How long are you an ECT teacher?

You are an ECT teacher for your first year of teaching. After that, you become a RQT which means you are a ‘recently qualified teacher’ in your next year.

What is the job satisfaction for teachers?

A recent survey found that 84% of teachers said they were satisfied with their jobs. This is higher than the average for all professions, which stands at 65%.

What is the highest salary a teacher can earn?

The highest salary a teacher can earn in the UK is £42,780-£50,935 depending on where you are in England. This is for experienced teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).


What are the benefits of being a teacher?

There are many benefits of being a teacher, including: making a difference in the lives of children; having a positive impact on society; and having job satisfaction. In addition, teachers also enjoy generous holidays, and many teachers choose to work part-time or flexibly to suit their lifestyle.


What are the challenges of being a teacher?

Although there are many benefits of being a teacher, there are also some challenges, such as: working long hours; dealing with challenging behaviour; and coping with stress. However, most teachers would say that the challenges are outweighed by the rewards.


How do teachers move up the main pay scale?

There are two main ways that teachers can move up the pay scale: by taking on additional responsibilities, such as becoming a headteacher or leading a department; or by gaining promotion through performance-related pay.


How do teachers get on the upper pay scale?

The main difference between the main pay scale and the upper pay scale is that the upper pay scale is for teachers who have gained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). To be eligible for the upper pay scale, teachers must have taught for six years since gaining QTS.


How often do teachers go up the pay scale?

Teachers usually go up the pay scale every year, although this may vary depending on their employer. In some cases, teachers may be able to ‘fast-track’ up the pay scale if they have gained promotion or taken on additional responsibilities.


What is the leadership pay scale in teaching?

There is a separate pay scale for teachers who have taken on leadership roles, such as headteachers or deputies. The leadership pay scale starts at £38,171 and goes up to £105,139.


How much do supply teachers get paid?

Supply teachers are usually paid on a daily rate, which can range from £110-£160 per day. However, some supply teachers may be employed on a long-term basis, in which case they would be paid according to the teacher pay scale.


How much do private school teachers get paid?

Private school teachers are usually paid more than state school teachers. However, salaries can vary widely depending on the type of school, the location, and the teachers’ experience and qualifications.


How many points is a headteacher salary?

A headteacher salary is paid on a groups system, which ranges from groups 1-8. It also depends if they work in the fringe, outer or inner London.

teacher pay scale


teacher pay scale

teacher pay scale

Where can I find out more about teaching in a Secondary school and what to expect?

We highly recommend the book by H.A Wilson which is part of the 'Happy Teacher' series. This book is an eye opener about what to expect and how to navigate any difficulties if you plan on embarking as a secondary school teacher. The book details how to build productive relationships with students, difficult parents and overbearing colleagues (yes you will have them).

teacher pay scale


So there you have it, everything you need to know about teacher pay scales in England. As you can see, there is a lot of variation in salaries, but overall teachers are paid quite well. There are also many benefits to being a teacher, such as job satisfaction and generous holidays. If you’re thinking of becoming a teacher, then be sure to research the pay scale in your area.


Do you have any questions about teacher pay scales? Let us know in the comments below!


This is a guest post from Mrs Dawson, a qualified teacher. Mrs Dawson has kindly shared her expertise on teacher salaries in England with us today. Thanks, Mrs Dawson!



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