When to start potty training?- 6 Key Signs To Watch Out For

When to start potty training

This can be a very difficult question to answer. Age is the number one thing that people want answers for when it comes to potty training, and the truth is there really isn't an age when you should start potty training. Instead, it's much better to focus on your child's readiness[2] and willingness to begin the process.

Check out this potty training video[1] for toddlers to watch.

The best way to determine if your child is ready and willing is by paying attention throughout the day for signs and cues in which your child may be ready. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Your child exhibiting an interest in the potty or toilet.
  2. Your child beginning to let you know when he/she needs to go by grunting, running, standing next to the potty, etc.
  3. Your child asking to leave the diaper off for short periods.
  4. Your child initiating the potty process.
  5. Your child pulling his/her pants up and down with assistance while asking for assistance in doing so.
  6. Your child walks to the potty or you while you are using it, asking for assistance.

You don't want to push your child to do something that he/she isn't ready for, and the best way to determine that is by paying attention and watching for signs and cues.

As you're watching for these cues, it is important to keep in mind that there are many signs or cues that your child may show you as to indicate readiness and willingness. However, it is vital to understand that this doesn't always mean your child will be willing.

when to start potty training

So what should you do if your child isn't showing signs of readiness or willingness?

First, ask yourself why it's important to start potty training now? Is it because other children in daycare or preschool are starting toilet training? Is it because you want to have your child trained before the upcoming holidays? Is it because you want your child to be out of diapers before he/she enters kindergarten?

Once you have determined the reason that you want to potty train, then decide if that reason is worth upsetting your child. If it isn't, then wait until your child shows signs of readiness or willingness. If it is, then take the steps necessary to introduce the potty training process in a way that will not upset your child.

Some parents decide to go ahead with potty training regardless of their child's readiness or willingness because they feel it benefits them. However, this is the wrong type of attitude to have when it comes to potty training. It can eventually begin to do more harm than good by introducing anxiety and fear into your child. If they aren't ready, you risk undoing all the progress that you made previously with potty training because your child will associate the training with a negative experience.

Be Prepared

If you go ahead with potty training and your child isn't ready, be prepared to have multiple accidents and spend a lot of time, in the beginning, removing your child's pants and putting them back on after they've used the potty chair.

We recommend rewarding your child to make the process quicker and easier. Check out out article about how to reward your child during potty training.

The bottom line is that there are definite signs or cues your child will show you when he/she is ready to be potty trained.

If you have been asking yourself when to start potty training, we hope this article on the best signs will help! Be sure to check out Yum Yum Mamas' recommended list of potty training products as well. We want your child’s toilet learning journey to be a success, and these items will help make it happen with ease!

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