How to calm fussy baby during a change?

baby changing fussy

Have a fussy baby who gets cranky during diaper change? Try these tips for soothing a crying infant:

• Sing or talk to your baby during a diaper change.

• Use a gentle tone when speaking or singing.

• Gently pat or rub your baby's back.

• Place your baby on his back, check the diaper carefully for poop or pee, wipe the front of the diaper area first then fold down the diaper and wipe from the back. Make sure you're not rubbing against the genitals of a little boy or girl.

• As soon as you have finished wiping your baby, quickly clean under the cord stump on a boy and change from front to back if you have a little girl.

• Use a fresh diaper and fasten it securely.

• If your baby is still fussy, try swaddling him gently, without wrapping too tightly. Some babies are very sensitive to touch and swaddling helps them feel secure.

• To avoid chafing, make sure the diaper is fitted snugly around your baby's thighs and waist.

For tips on how to swaddle your baby, check out this video[1].

• If your baby is still unhappy, gently rub or pat his back. It could be that he's hungry—give your baby a chance to eat. If your baby spits up a lot, use a different position to burp him so he doesn't choke on the milk.

• If you are still having problems, let your baby rest for a few minutes in his crib before continuing with the diaper change.

• If you are changing your baby in a public restroom, find a quiet corner and take turns talking to your baby with dad or someone else who is with you. This way, your baby can hear your voice without all the hustle and bustle of a busy restroom.

• Some babies are extra fussy during change time because the diaper rubs against their skin. Try putting a receiving blanket over your baby's diaper or underwear before you put it on. That way, the diaper won't touch your baby's skin and he'll be more comfortable.

• If you think your baby is getting a diaper rash, try using a barrier cream such as Desitin or A&D Diaper Rash Ointment to protect your baby's skin. Be sure to check with your doctor first.

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• If you have a boy, be gentle when wiping the front of his diaper.

• Be sure to wipe from the front to back carefully after you change your baby's diaper.

• If your baby is a boy and you have to push his penis back during a diaper change, then pull it forward again after you've finished wiping.

• Never leave your baby unattended while changing his diaper.

• When you're done, make sure your baby's bottom is completely dry before dressing him again.


1.) How to Swaddle a Baby - YouTube

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