First Birthday Toys And Gift Ideas

first birthday gift ideas

Infants and toddlers under the age of one are in a difficult transitional stage, no longer babies but not yet completely grown up.

Many 1-year-olds aren't fussy about the gifts they get[1]. Indeed, they may be more enthused about the packaging than they are about the actual product itself! (Don't throw away the boxes.) Putting things together and pulling them apart are all popular hobbies at the age of one, as is moving items in and out of boxes. In other cases, children have already begun to develop the characteristics that make them who they are.

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You may ensure that your child has years of fun by purchasing the correct toys and gifts. Let Yum Yum Mama help you to form some fantastic first birthday gift ideas!

Check out this video [2] which details what a baby at 1 should be doing to help you in your quest to pick suitable toys.

What Can You Buy A Baby For Their First Birthday?

Whether you are looking for the best first birthday gifts in the UK or USA, our selection will help you make your choice.

1. Sensory toys and books

Engaging the senses helps children and adults learn and retain information. Many of our fondest memories involve one or more senses, such as the fragrance of a summer campfire or a song learned with a childhood buddy. After, when those familiar smells or noises arouse your nose or eardrums, your brain sparks a memory of those unique experiences.

first birthday gift ideas

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2. Crawl Tunnels And Tents

Crawl tunnels are fun for this age group and get lots of chuckles, but they also aid with spatial awareness and object retention. For a 1-year-old, these lean-in, lean-out peekaboo activities help children learn about the world. When shopping for a play tent, you will come across a wide range of options in terms of size, colour, pattern, and style.

first birthday gift ideas

3. Musical Instruments

Songs are part of our daily lives. Music is vital to a baby's development. Music is used to show joy, affection, and soothe a crying baby. Social and linguistic exchanges are encouraged. Music toys for one-year-olds promote open-ended play and spontaneous learning: babies and toddlers like moving to music. Silly tunes bring excitement; repetitive songs teach toddlers vocabulary and rhymes.

first birthday gift ideas

First birthday gifts for girls

4. Dress Up

As a form of imaginative play, dressing up helps children develop problem-solving and impulse control. Children invent and enact social circumstances and scenarios. Playing dress-up is a beautiful way to improve your baby's communication and creativity skills. It also aids in the development of language and social skills in children.

5. Number Games

As early as infancy, your child's mind has been silently experimenting with mathematical ideas like pattern identification, comparison, and even music. Counting with real numbers is much easier now that they are older, so incorporate a few basic, enjoyable number games into your daily routine. It is also wholesome fun for little ones.

6. Stuffed Toys

Babies, like adults, experience anxiety. Soft toys can reassure and comfort newborns. They can also aid in self-soothing. The world is dangerous for children, but displaying them their favourite fluffy animal can help ease their fears. A bear by their side can help them seek comfort and create the feeling of being with a loved one.

first birthday gift ideas

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7. A pet

At some point in their lives, most children will want a pet of their own. A vital part of a child's future as a responsible pet owner will be shaped by choosing the correct one. According to most specialists, a family decision should be made when selecting the "right pet".

first birthday gift ideas

What Do 1-Year-Olds Play With?

Fisher-price toys are enjoyable and entertaining for babies.

8. A Fisher-Price Learning Toy

Four toys in 1 for baby's development from infant to toddler to a preschooler (ages six months-5 years)

Each Toy has engaging activities for babies to explore. Put them all together to make an electronic robot pal.

More than 120 songs, noises, and sentences about counting, the alphabet, shapes and colours

first birthday gift ideas

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9. Baby Light Projectors

The market is flooded with cute nightlight projectors that come in the form of cute characters, plush animals, and various shapes and sizes to brighten up your nursery and make it more appealing. Furthermore, they are jam-packed with several functions such as built-in lullabies, music, white noise, and light projections in every colour of the rainbow, among others.

first birthday gift ideas

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Is your baby ready to start using their own night lights? Check out this article here on the dos and don'ts of using nightlights.

10. Stacking Cups

Good hand-eye coordination is the capacity to accept sensory input from the eyes and transform it into motions with the hands, which is necessary for navigating the environment. Building blocks or nesting cups, as well as interacting with them and stacking them, are signs that your child has acquired good hand-eye coordination.

first birthday gift ideas

11. Vtech Turn And Learn Driver

Your child will enjoy pretending to drive with the steering wheel toy, which will cause the charming dog character to move back and forth as they play.

Press the five brightly coloured buttons on the learning toy, and your child will be introduced to a variety of animals and vehicles, including toys that are excellent for early schooling.

first birthday gift ideas

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What is the most popular Toy for a one-year-old?

Probably playdoh; there's something about that salty smelling dough that children seem to love.

12. Play-Doh Kitchen

Play-doh is the most popular Toy for a one-year-old

Play-doh cakes grow in front of your eyes: Kids can pretend to be bakers with this toy oven, and their Play-Doh cakes will rise right before their eyes! Upon touching the handle, their pretend cake will rise

This is a perfect example of what one-year-olds play with.

first birthday gift ideas


We hope we have helped you narrow down first birthday toys ideas, and we hope that the little one enjoys the presents.

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