Are narcissist insecure?

are narcissist insecure?


Some individuals are so self-centred, have profound admiration for themselves, and see other people as inferior. They are called "Narcissists." Narcissism is a trait and a kind of personality disorder. It is extreme self-involvement to the point that they ignore the feelings and needs of people around them.

Every person can show narcissistic character . Still, a real narcissist will disregard the feelings of others and do not care about the effect such behaviours have on them.

It is worthy of note that not every narcissist has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Narcissism uses a spectrum to measure individuals to detect if they have a low or high range from the narcissism test . We will look at some of the components of the disorder. They are the root causes of narcissism, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and address some intriguing questions like are narcissist insecure?

are narcissist insecure?

Do narcissists admit they are insecure?

To briefly put it in the proper perspective, Narcissists, especially the "Vulnerable " type, tend to be on the defensive of occasionally feeling bad about themselves.

They straddle between having delightful moments and feeling so extraordinary. They also want to be the centre of admiration from others. When they feel exposed and vulnerable, they experience self-doubt and insecurity.

Are narcissists always insecure?

Yes, people with this disorder often feel insecure, whether they display this insecurity outwardly or not, as research on narcissism suggests.

A Counsellor explained that they feel "unworthy, ashamed, and empty ". They cover up this lacuna from themselves and others with the sole aim to artificially boost their ego while concealing the fact that they feel empty.

Do narcissists have low self-esteem?

Narcissists' overconfidence, most often than not, may hide their low self-esteem. These individuals with high levels of narcissism may be inflating their self-esteem .

Studies show that the "vulnerable narcissists" have low self-esteem because their fragile sense of self-worth is susceptible. However, the "grandiose narcissists" have higher and more stable self-esteem.

When a narcissist is insecure?

People with NPD always have a fragile sense of self-esteem making them spend precious time ruminating about the perception of what other individuals have of them and how they are faring in life. They feel unworthy, ashamed, and empty. Narcissists hide this emptiness from themselves and others with an array of defences that act as a frontier.

How to deal with an insecure narcissist?

Narcissists are often sensitive to criticism . To deal with them, do the following:

  • See them for who they are.

  • Speak up for yourself when it matters.

  • Please don't give them room to dictate your things.

  • Stand your ground whenever they want sympathy for their wrongdoing.

  • Insist on immediate action, not promises.

Insecure narcissist woman

Female narcissists do exist, too, because both genders can have a narcissistic personality disorder. They tend to be more manipulative socially. And vindictive as well as their male counterparts.

When female narcissists are angry, they suffer their victims by not showing attention and affection. They also utilize neglect or guilt as a form of control .

Root cause of narcissism?

The leading cause of narcissism is during childhood resulting from parental abuse, neglect, and exploitation. This phenomenon leads to unfulfilled emotional needs that have low self-esteem and a longing for affirmation. And failure to meet these needs, interpersonal conflict comes into play.

Another cause is over-pampering by parents or elders during the formative years of such a child.

This book is a fab read. Check it out here:

Narcissism test

The prevalent method used is the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI). Using the Narcissism Spectrum Scale (NPS), researchers found three patterns of behaviours:

  • Echoism (selfless)

  • Extreme Narcissism

  • Healthy Narcissism

One percent of people who took the test scored below average on extreme narcissism but high on healthy narcissism. So, where are you on the spectrum? Find out.

Insecure narcissist man

All humans are culprits in the tendency to have a narcissistic personality disorder. Men tend to display more narcissistic character, according to studies.

Male narcissists are more outwardly recognizable than their female counterparts and display more narcissistic behaviour.

They are vindictive, and when angry, they are aggressive and explosive. Male narcissists take advantage of their strength and gender as a tool of control.


Narcissists are people who have an excessive interest in admiration of themselves. They see themselves as unique breeds and are egoistic.

They are selfish, overconfident, and exaggerate their achievements.

Narcissism is serious thoughts and concerns some individuals express of themselves to the extent that they ignore the feeling of others. Everyone may show narcissistic behaviour, but narcissists will disregard others.

Insecure narcissists: Reddit claims that:

Insecurity drives narcissism and not a grandiose sense of self, a new study suggests.

According to U/Mvea MD-PhD-JD-MBA/Clinical Professor/Medicine, "Narcissists cope with these insecurities by flexing. This makes others like them less. This, in the long run, further aggravates their insecurities. And thus leading to a vicious cycle of flexing ".

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), which is more common in men, is a disorder in which people have an inflated opinion of themselves. They have a severe need for the admiration and attention of others. The cause may be genetic and environmental factors.

Signs include:

  • Excessive need for admiration

  • Disregard for others' feelings

  • Against criticism

Watch this video here and see how they often have a sense of entitlement. (14)

Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Symptoms of this disorder appear in early adulthood . You may have NPD if:

  • You are boastful and arrogant, causing others to avoid you.

  • Your relationships are not fulfilling.

  • You become unhappy, angry, and confused when things don't favour you.

  • You have issues with finances, work, alcohol, and drugs. If you suspect NPD, see your doctor.

Treatment for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Treatment for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) fundamentally consists of talk therapy , otherwise known as "Psychotherapy." There is no medication for the treatment of NPD.

Talk therapy will help you to relate better to others so your relationships can become more pleasant, intimate, and rewarding. Developing positive interactions with other people can significantly improve various areas of your life.

How can I deal with someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

To deal with someone with NPD is dependent on your relationship with the person with NPD. For casual acquaintances, you may deal with them for short periods or avoid them if possible.

However, suppose the person with NPD is a family member, and you want to maintain the relationship. In that case, you must adjust your behaviour to suit that of the person with NPD.


Are narcissist insecure? Asking about narcissists' insecurity is a burning and explosive question begging for answers. It is tenable to assert that narcissists are generally insecure because they attempt to cover their actual status.

They work so hard to cover up this insecurity because they hate appearing weak but intelligent, strong, enviable, and desirable.

The study of Narcissism by many scholars is seriously under scrutiny and trial as most narcissists and people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) do not seek treatment. The common traits of people with narcissistic behaviour are:

  • Sense of entitlement

  • Need for admiration

  • Manipulative behaviour

  • Lack of empathy for others

  • Arrogance.

The causes of narcissism look complicated and may be traceable to the hereditary route. Other contributing factors may be childhood abuse/neglect, parental pampering, cultural background, high expectations from parents, and so on.











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