Amazon FBA: How to Become a Successful Amazon FBA Seller

Amazon FBA: How to Become a Successful Amazon FBA Seller

Author: Rizzo Rocks

Binding: Audible Audiobook

Format: Unabridged

Release Date: 25-05-2017


Book 1 - Product Research

This book will boost your knowledge on successful product research by introducing techniques that will empower you to do so in a fastest and cheapest way to become a great Amazon FBA seller in no time.

In order to become a successful Amazon FBA seller, you must understand what exactly a good product is, one that can be sold in 2017 on Amazon's marketplace. Additionally, to gain the right speed of implementation, there are certain tasks that must be strategically outsourced, and this book will teach you all that step by step.

In case you just want to have a detailed guide and understand how find a profitable product that will sell, this book is also for you.

Book 2 - Product Sourcing

This book will focus on Amazon FBA and the main goal behind the curtains, which is product sourcing. The book will take you through a basic understanding of Chinese culture in order to create a successful international business relationship by searching the right way to find an excellent factory. Additionally, it will touch on the main business factor - guanxi - in order to empower yourself by successfully approaching large Chinese factories.

Your knowledge of critical aspects of Amazon FBA will be greatly improved, including:

  • How to take control and act like a professional sourcing agent
  • Essential trading secrets
  • Successful negotiation techniques
  • How to avoid shipping delays
  • Implementing experienced strategies on creating excellent documentations
  • Producing multilingual sales agreements

Book 3 - Product Launch

We will begin by explaining what essential tasks are required while waiting for your first order. That will include how to outsource product images as well as how to leverage on additional platforms in order to promote your product.

Languages: English

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