Factors Affecting Biodiversity (Answers)

**Multiple Choice Questions**

**1. What human activities have contributed to the decline in Earth's overall biodiversity over time?**
- A. Forest conservation
- B. Agricultural expansion
- C. Urban development
- D. Marine conservation

**Answer: B. Agricultural expansion**

**2. What is a consequence of deforestation in terms of biodiversity?**
- A. Increased habitat availability
- B. Enhanced resources for organisms
- C. Loss of habitats and resources
- D. Improved soil quality

**Answer: C. Loss of habitats and resources**

**3. How do pesticides and herbicides impact biodiversity?**
- A. Enhance plant diversity
- B. Harm non-target organisms
- C. Promote weed growth
- D. Increase nutrient levels

**Answer: B. Harm non-target organisms**

**4. What is the process of eutrophication linked to the use of fertilizers?**
- A. Soil erosion
- B. Nutrient enhancement
- C. Habitat destruction
- D. Marine conservation

**Answer: B. Nutrient enhancement**

**5. What is the outcome of modern farming practices on genetic diversity in farm animals?**
- A. Increase in genetic diversity
- B. No impact on genetic diversity
- C. Preservation of genetic diversity
- D. Reduction in genetic diversity

**Answer: D. Reduction in genetic diversity**

**6. Which conservation strategy focuses on preserving species in their natural habitats through protected areas?**
- A. Ex-situ Conservation
- B. In-situ Conservation
- C. International Agreements
- D. Local Agreements

**Answer: B. In-situ Conservation**

**7. What is the primary cause of the greenhouse gas effect and global warming?**
- A. Deforestation
- B. Fossil fuel usage
- C. Marine conservation
- D. Soil erosion

**Answer: B. Fossil fuel usage**

**8. How does climate change impact biodiversity in terms of competitive advantage?**
- A. Promotes diversity
- B. Reduces competition
- C. Gives advantage to adapted organisms
- D. Enhances mutualism

**Answer: C. Gives advantage to adapted organisms**

**9. What do Local Agreements, like the UK's CSS, aim to achieve?**
- A. Increase urban development
- B. Reduce agricultural practices
- C. Enhance biodiversity in the countryside
- D. Impact global climate

**Answer: C. Enhance biodiversity in the countryside**

**10. What is the primary action suggested to conserve biodiversity?**
- A. Increase urbanization
- B. Reduce marine conservation efforts
- C. Control invasive species
- D. Encourage agricultural expansion

**Answer: C. Control invasive species**
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