Jennifer Lopez Makes EPIC Album Announcement!

Twenty years after the album "This Is Me...Then," which was inspired by Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez has announced "This Is Me...Now."

This is the singer's ninth studio album, and she's back to writing songs and making music for it. "Dear Ben Pt. II" will be on it.

Jennifer Lopez is returning to where she started.

Twenty years to the day after This Is Me came out...

Then, the 53-year-old singer of "Jenny from the Block" has announced a new album called This Is Me...Now.

The star didn't post on social media in the days before her big drop, but she told everyone herself early Friday morning.

In a short video on Instagram, Lopez recreated the cover of her album from 2002 and then changed into J.Lo from 2022. She wrote, "This is me then, this is me now."




To mark the occasion, the actress and singer made a new version of the original album cover for 2022. 

According to a press release, the star of "Marry Menew "'s project "chronicles the emotional, spiritual, and psychological journey she has taken over the past 20 years." It comes after her wedding to Ben Affleck, to whom the first album was dedicated.

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