B Toys Suitcase: Take It On Your Next Adventure!

Are you looking for a fun, interactive toy for your child that will help them develop their balance and motor skills? Look no further than the B Toys Suitcase! This ride-on toy dog is perfect for any adventure. It features a leash, lights and sounds, plenty of storage space, and is extra sturdy so it can hold up to 50 kg. Read on to learn more about this amazing toy!

b toys suitcase

The importance of travelling with children

The importance of travelling with children can’t be underestimated, as it helps to expand their horizons and let them experience different places and cultures. With the B Toys Suitcase, your child can bring all of their favourite toys on the journey with them! They can take this fun ride-on toy dog wherever they go, as it’s lightweight and easy to transport.


Why is it important for your child to have their own suitcase?

With the B Toys Suitcase, your child will learn important skills such as balance and coordination. The suitcase also helps develop their imagination by encouraging them to create stories and adventures with the accessories provided. Its unique design allows for plenty of storage room that is accessible from the side or back. This makes it easy to bring books, snacks, and other toys along for the ride.



Places To Go: The B Toys Suitcase is the perfect companion for all of your child's adventures. With its cute leash, your child can take this ride-on toy dog for a walk or hop on his back and let him take them for one! Plus, the extra sturdy design means that it can hold up to 50 kg so even older children can enjoy the fun.


Lights & Sounds: This B Toy isn't just fun—it's also interactive! The eyes of this lovable pup light up when you squeeze his ears and he even gives off a bark that will bring hours of entertainment.


Plenty Of Space: This push-and-pull toy comes with a huge side compartment that provides plenty of storage space for all your child's favorite toys. Just pop open the side compartment and they'll be ready to fill it up with their own treasures.


Developmental Toy: In addition to being great fun, this funky puppy is also great for helping to develop balance and motor skills in young children. By pushing or pulling the B Toys Suitcase around, your child will be learning how to navigate their environment while having lots of fun at the same time.


How is this compared to the trunki ride-on suitcase?

The B Toys Suitcase and the Trunki Ride-On Suitcase both have their advantages. The Trunki is designed for younger children and features a handle, making it easy to pull along even by toddlers. However, it doesn't feature any lights or sound effects like the B Toys Suitcase does. Additionally, the B Toys Suitcase is extra sturdy and can hold up to 50kg, making it a great choice for older children.


How does it compare to the gogo ride-on bingo?

The Gogo Ride-On Bingo and the B Toys Suitcase are two very different products. The Gogo is designed for younger children, featuring a detachable handle so it can be pulled along like a wagon. It also has an interactive light board and sound effects to keep your child entertained. On the other hand, the B Toys Suitcase is designed for slightly older children and is more of a ride-on toy than a pull-along. It features lights and sound effects to make the riding experience even more fun, and its extra sturdy design can hold up to 50 kg – perfect for bigger kids!



The B Toys Suitcase is an amazing ride-on toy dog that is sure to bring hours of entertainment to kids of all ages. With its lights and sounds, plenty of storage space, and extra sturdy construction that holds up to 50 kg, there's no limit to where your little ones can go with this pup in tow! So don't wait—get ready for your next adventure by purchasing the B Toys Suitcase today!

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