How to unclog a toilet


A clogged toilet may completely derail your day. The mineral build-up, toilet paper, and other waste can clog or impede drainage. This can result in a sloppy mess that is problematic to clean up. It's difficult to decide how to unclog a toilet with the least trouble and exposure to hazardous chemicals. The question then is, how to unclog a toilet that's obstructed by different things safely?

It is usually best to utilise the least-powerful method possible when unclogging a toilet. This strategy reduces the likelihood of damage to pipelines or coming into contact with acidic substances. In order to help you, we've put together comprehensive steps to unclog a toilet drain.

Cleaning a blocked toilet is never a pleasant experience. If you follow our instructions, you will be prepared to deal with the situation if it arises!

Over time, mineral deposits, toilet paper, and other debris can clog drains. This causes havoc while also being difficult to remove. It's difficult to choose between using safe products to unclog a toilet and risking your safety. The question to consider is how to unclog a toilet that's obstructed by different things?

How to unclog a toilet

How to unclog a toilet

It's a relief to know that you don't have to pay a plumber to unclog your toilet [1]. All you need is hot water, baking soda, and some vinegar to make a drain cleaner. Learn how to plunge a toilet, prepare to use cleaning products and snake a drain to get rid of difficult clogs.

How to unclog a toilet full of water

You can handle the clog removal yourself when a toilet is full of water [6]. Follow these steps.

  • Stop the bowl from filling up with water by turning off the faucet.
  • Locate the flapper in the tank and push it down to stop the water from flowing into the bowl.
  • Remove water from the toilet with a bucket.

Add the Soap

  • Ensure you can add about a gallon of hot soapy water to the toilet bowl.
  • Put shampoo, or a hard cake soap, or liquid soap in the toilet bowl. Pour a gallon of hot tea-temperature water into the bowl.
  • Allow the solution to sit for around 20 minutes before plunging
  • Watch this video [10] on how to unclog a toilet.

Use a plunger

It's time to use the plunger. A funnel-cup design plunger [2] is the most effective. It creates a good seal between the plunger and bowl.

Check out this really popular one.

  • To create a vacuum seal, place the plunger head into the toilet drain and slowly push downwards.
  • Use a straight up-and-down motion to push the plunger up and down.
  • Continue until the obstruction is removed.

How to unclog a toilet that is overflowing

An overflowing toilet [5] can be a real headache to sort out. No one wants to deal with this mess. However, you can do this yourself if you are desperate to get it sorted

There are different methods to unclog a toilet that is overflowing, including:

  • using a plunger,
  • vinegar,
  • baking soda and vinegar
  • liquid soap
  • chemicals
  • anger

How to unclog a toilet baking soda

  • Pour 1 cup baking soda [3] into the toilet bowl.
  • Carefully pour about 3.8L of hot water into the toilet bowl.
  • If the toilet bowl already has a lot of water in it, don't do this.
  • Listen for a suction sound and see water draining out of the toilet, then flush.

How to unclog a toilet using vinegar

You can combine baking soda and vinegar

  • If the toilet is still clogged, add 2 cups of white vinegar.
  • Pour the mixture into the toilet bowl,
  • Be mindful of the fizzing reaction between the two
  • If the fizzing gets high, stop pouring and wait until it subsides.
  • Then, keep pouring.

How to unclog a toilet


To ensure that the water drains, let the mixture sit for at least 2 hours or overnight.

  • After two hours, check on the toilet and see if the water in the bowl has drained.
  • If it hasn't, try flushing it.
  • Allow the concoction to sit for a minimum of one night.
  • If the toilet does not clear itself, repeat the procedure.

How to unblock a toilet naturally?

When unclogging a toilet, opt for a natural solution [4]. Home remedies for unclogging a toilet are much less harmful to your health and your drainpipes.

Using Boiling Water to Unclog a Toilet

If you have a blockage but no standing water, your best bet is to use a jug of one and four gallons of boiling water to dissolve the obstruction [8].

How to pour the water

Pour the water slowly and steadily down the toilet, aiming for the bottom. Whenever the water starts to back up, stop pouring and wait until it goes down again. Clear the clog with as much water as necessary.


Be cautious when using boiling water to clean PVC pipes, as it can loosen the joints and cause leaks.

Liquid Detergent

Liquid soap [7] can be used to unclog a toilet.

  • Allow the dish soap to sit in the toilet for at least 20 minutes.
  • Slowly and deliberately add water to the toilet until it is full.
  • If the water starts to rise, stop for a while until it does.
  • Repeat the process if needed.

Coca-Cola Will Unclog Your Blocked Toilet.

Coca-Cola can cut through the toughest clogs and mineral build-up.

• Pour two cans of the coke into the toilet bowl and allow it to sit overnight.

• The next day, flush the toilet.

• If this doesn't work, repeat the process.

• To avoid corrosion of the pipe, make sure the water goes through at the end.

How to unclog a toilet without a plunger with poop

Use a Toilet brush

  • Get a toilet brush and use it to push the obstinate poop down the drain.
  • Use the brush to scrub the toilet drain in a circular motion, being careful not to damage the faeces. Do this slowly.
  • Repetition is essential to avoid splashing poop all over the bathroom.

Toilet Auger

If you don't have a plunger, try using a toilet auger or toilet snake.

  • Place one end of the auger in the toilet and turn the handle counterclockwise.
  • You have found the clog once you detect some resistance in the cable.
  • Remove the auger, carefully push and pull to dislodge the clog.
  • Retract the auger, flush the toilet.

How to unclog a toilet clogged with wet wipes

Getting a toilet unclogged with baby wipes can be a real pain. Don't put wipes down the toilet but in the bin. Follow these steps to clear it out.

  • Use a glove.
  • Reach into the toilet bowl and remove the wipes to a wastebasket.
  • Use your plunger to loosen and pull back the clog.
  • Tossing the wipes in the garbage
How to unclog a toilet

Use a Snake

To remove the clog, use a snake [9]. You can pull the wipes back into the bowl then place them in the bin.

How to unclog a toilet from paper towels

Toilet paper is designed to dissolve and decompose in liquids, such as toilet bowl cleaner. Too much toilet paper in the bowl will turn into a gooey muck.

To dissolve toilet paper stuck in the drain,

  • You'll have to use a plunger.
  • Place a plunger over the toilet drain hole.
  • Use the plunger handle to move the plunger up and down
  • Create suction
  • As soon as you remove the plunger, the bowl will emptier.
  • Check to see if the toilet paper has been dissolved by flushing the unit.

How to unclog a toilet from a diaper

It is possible to pull a clogged diaper out of the toilet with a gloved hand. This can work even if the diaper has already been flushed.

Clogs deeper in the toilet will necessitate tools like a coat hanger or an auger to loosen them up.

Calling a plumber is your best option in the worst-case scenario.

Avoid diapers

Elimination Communication (EC) [11] is a way to avoid this issue. You pay attention to your baby's signals, both verbally and physically, to relieve themselves. They recognise the signs and rush their child to a potty or other appropriate waste container as soon as they can.

The goal is for the infant to become more self-confident and independent in the bathroom.

How to unclog a toilet clogged with hair

People are dumbfounded as to how to deal with a clogged toilet due to accumulated hair. Avoid putting hair down the toilet in the first instance. You can unclog a toilet with hair using one of the methods described already:

  • Hot water and detergent
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Augers
  • Plunger


When it comes to how to unclog a toilet, a plunger isn't always necessary. You can choose to unclog the toilet with dish soap, vinegar, or bleach. The procedures described above are simple and effective. Some work better for major clogs and others for minor clogs. The best part is all of the materials needed to unclog your toilet are widely available and affordable. If the problem continues, you should contact a professional plumber.


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