Does exercising get rid of cellulite?

Have you ever wondered if exercising consistently might help you get rid of those stubborn dimples on your legs?

Yes, we are discussing that dreaded cellulite. Before we begin, a quick recap:

cellulite is not a result of 'too much fat,' but rather a physical characteristic shared by the majority of women. It's caused by women's connective tissue being weaker and greater fat cells being carried around their thighs and hips. As you may have guessed, it's for the birthing purposes.

Cellulite affects 93% of women, and an astounding 60% of women feel it is caused by their lifestyle.

However, there is some good news: cellulite is completely normal and is not caused by anything you can control.

According to personal trainer Lee Lawson, nearly all women will have cellulite, but the extent to which it manifests varies by individual.

That is, your best mate may have it beneath her skin; nevertheless, it may not be visible on the surface. Because each physical body is unique, cellulite appears differently on each individual.

"It's perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about," he explains. However, how it seems, as well as how much you get, is greatly determined by the following:

biology genetics

How active you are

lifestyle influences

percentage of body fat

your age

It's past time we accepted cellulite as one of the many totally natural physical characteristics that the majority of women face. However, before we proceed, there is an old wives myth that cardio would eliminate cellulite.

To put that one to rest once and for all, we questioned Lee on his expertise.

Why do people develop cellulite?

As previously stated, it is quite straightforward. "It has to do with the disintegration of fibrous tissue beneath your skin," Lee adds. "As fat cells push up against the surface of your skin, a dimply appearance results."

As you can see, this is perfectly normal.

So... does exercising get rid of cellulite?

In a nutshell, no. While logic would suggest that decreasing your body fat percentage will result in less cellulite, the PT notes that the human body is considerably more complex than that.

"Eliminating it entirely is implausible and unreasonable. As far as I am aware, there is no scientific evidence or studies that exercise may completely eliminate cellulit "Lee carries on.

Where do you believe the tale originated?

Simply said, humans are awful at assessing their own worth in comparison to others. "They observe people with less cellulite that do specific workouts and believe they should as well," Lee explains.

He cautions you against conflating correlation with causation. "We know that losing body fat and building muscle in the appropriate regions can help minimise the look of cellulite - but only temporarily, not permanently. If you're interested, I'd recommend hiring a certified personal trainer who can provide expert guidance to help you make an informed decision "he clarifies.

It's critical to realise that you are an exceptional, distinct, and remarkable being who does not need to worry about cellulite. Embrace your body, practise self-love, and treat it with compassion: you only have one life, and wasting it obsessing about the best cellulite exercises seems pointless.

Are you still undecided?

Just do a quick google on the amount of celebrities that have openly embraced their cellulite. Certain to bring a smile on your face.

Is your cellulite causing huge amounts of anxiety?

Check out these at home cellulite treatments that can help you feel better about yourself.

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Exercise self-love

As previously said, 93 percent of women have or will have cellulite at some point in their lives – "it's a part of life," Lee notes. Keep this in mind the next time you feel self-conscious: nobody notices your cellulite anyway.

"Even if they do notice and criticise you, they are probably not the type of person you want in your life," Lee continues. "If you can learn to accept it, you'll free up your mind to focus on more meaningful training goals," he explains.

Take care of yourself

That is something we will not refuse. Lee recommends purchasing gym equipment that will help you feel less self-conscious and more confident. "What appears to be a minor boost in confidence will have a significant impact in other areas as well," he explains.

You'll gain confidence.

You'll be more driven.

You might find that you like your exercise session more.

As a result, you may have to work more during your session.

"I adore this tip," Lee continues. "This is something I personally do. People do this with their 'going out' clothes; why not with your gym clothing, especially if you spend a lot of time in them?" It is unnecessary for you to inform us twice... Now is the time to shop our leggings that hide cellulite .

Concentrate on a certain exercise objective.

That has nothing to do with cellulite.

While this may seem self-evident, you'll be amazed how much eating a nutritious diet within your energy balance requirements, drinking more water, resting well, and following a well-balanced fitness programme will enhance your confidence. That, after all, is the point. Getting you to concentrate on your numerous assets rather than your shortcomings?

"In my perspective, any workout or training regimen that assists you in developing constant confidence is a yes, Lee explains.

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