6 Common Causes Why Your Breasts Are Sagging and How To Improve Them Naturally 

what causes sagging breasts

One of the numerous physical changes women endure as they become older is breast sagging, which is common among not just older women but younger women as well. I have personally experienced this from teenage years when my mother used to refer to me as 'slipper' breasts. I felt so self-conscious about my body during my early twenties and even until today, I feel slightly awkward being naked in front of my husband. Not only did I have saggy boobs, I also had to contend with facial cellulite, body cellulite and just excess fat. Believe me, it hasn't been fun.

Check out this article on some treatments I recommend to help reduce the appearance of cellulite [4].

When it comes to strengthening and firming up our breasts, there is no quantity of exercise or kind of exercise activity that will work unfortunately. Believe me, I have been there and done that. I was therefore on a quest to find what will work to help firm and lift my breasts.

This video beautifully talks about breast sag and the causes.[1]

Women may avoid significant sagging if they are aware of the variables that contribute to it, says Piedmont breast surgeon and surgical oncologist Barry Roseman, M.D.[2]

If only I had knew these variables growing up. If, like me you were not privileged to know this type of information growing up, keep reading to find out what we could possible do about it.

Sagging of your breasts may be caused by several factors.

Breasts sag for a variety of causes, including:

  • Aging. Breast tissue loses elasticity as a woman ages, causing her breasts to sag. As a consequence, the underlying support system of tissue and fat weakens, resulting in diminished breast fullness. During menopause, changes may be more noticeable.

  • The force of gravity. Women with larger breasts are more vulnerable to the effects of gravity's gravitational pull over time.

  • Lack of enough assistance. It's essential to wear a supportive bra to keep your breasts looking and feeling their best. It will take a 30- to 40-year span for the lack of sufficient assistance to take its toll. Dr. Roseman recommends that ladies have a supportive bra properly fitted at a lingerie or department shop that provides this service.

  • Smoking. Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens that trigger the breakdown of elastin in the body. A major role for this protein in the body is to maintain the skin's suppleness.

  • Sunburn. Damage to the skin can be because of ultraviolet radiation, which also reduces the skin's suppleness.

what causes sagging breasts

What about breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding does not cause breasts to droop, according to a study[3]. Instead, it is the size changes that a woman's breasts endure throughout pregnancy that cause sagging. After delivery, women worried about this shift should fast shed the baby weight to return to their pre-pregnancy weight and size.

I also think it is important for women to look above the societal constraints placed on them by the media's obsession with body appearance and instead prioritize their own health. In addition, this will have a significant influence on breast health.

Is it possible for sagging breasts to be firm again?

Sagging breasts are very difficult to repair without surgery unfortunately. Many of us have not even considered surgery to be an option. This is may be due to cultural, financial or social constraints. Even if you have surgery, your breast tissue will not recover to its pre-surgical firmness. Toning the muscles behind the breasts may be accomplished with workouts like push-ups, swimming, and the bench presses. The question is then, can our breasts really be firm and perky again? Read on to find out what might actually help.

what causes sagging breasts

Is it Possible That Essential Oils Firm Breasts Naturally?

I have never been lover of essential oils, but during my long and extensive research over the years, I discovered a hidden gem. Essential oils, such as olive, almond, soya bean, fenugreek, clove, and primrose oil, haven't been clinically shown to firm breasts. Still, many people feel they can, based on their own experimentation and experiences. I have personally done my own experimentation and the difference to my breasts have been remarkable.

According to experts[5], breast suppleness has improved significantly after women start using essential oils.

It's crucial to remember however, that some of these oils will not be a great fit for your skin type or any issues you may be experiencing. Some individuals may not benefit from essential oils as others, for example, since there is no clinical proof to reinforce this. Again, I always recommend to keep trying what works for you, Given that we are all unique, something that has done wonders for my own breasts may not have the same effect on yours.

Consider checking in with your dermatologist if you're considering utilizing any of these oils to enhance the texture and tone of your skin.

As a starting point, let's see which type of oils will have the most significant impact on your breasts' general appearance and feel.

Almond oil

One of the finest natural ways to tighten up breasts is almond oil. Antioxidants and various types of fatty acids are abundant in almond oil.

The skin around the breasts is nourished by these minerals, which maintain its suppleness and firmness. Another benefit of this nourishing oil is the way it can aid with breast tightness by promoting good blood flow in the area.

One of my favourite Almond oils is by 'Now Solutions'. I love it because it is a natural, non-GMO oil and is perfect for nourishing and reviving any skin type. I have quite sensitive skin and find that this does not irritate me at all.

Buy This Almond Oil Here

Olive Oil

When it comes to keeping skin hydrated, olive oil is known to be the oil to go-to for those looking to maintain a youthful glow, which helps decrease the symptoms of aging. For thousands of years, the Greeks have revered olive oil as a miraculous healing remedy, considering it a divine gift from God.

Sagging breasts may be alleviated by using olive oil, which contains antioxidants and fatty acids, as well as crucial vitamins like Vitamin E as well as K.

Inflammation is reduced, and UV damage is prevented by polyphenols found in olive oil. Olive oil also reduces spots, wrinkles, sagginess, and acne. Olive oil not only has a lengthy list of health advantages, but it also helps to tighten the skin around the breasts by increasing its texture, tone, as well as thickness. In fact, it's one of my all-time favourite oils. And it's a great foundation oil for a wide range of other uses as well.

My recommended oil that I use is Best of Nature's olive massage and body oil! This oil has a long shelf life and no fragrance added. It's not only perfect for massaging into my breasts but I also use it as a general massage oil, facial moisturizer, bath oil, eye makeup remover, wrinkle treatment, or scar oil. Even better, it also helps reduce dandruff, prevents split ends, strengthens shafts, increases shine, and softens hair.

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Oil from soybean seeds

A less well-known essential oil that might tighten breasts is rich oil, a soya bean oil that is derived from seeds.

Using the oil from soya beans has been suggested as a way to boost estrogen production around the breast area. The production of estrogen enhances the fullness and tightness of the breasts. Many experts discussing this oil state that in addition to tightening, it also displays excellent effects and aids in the enlargement or expansion of the breast. Soybean oil and a wide range of essential oils are safe for the skin.

The Plant Guru oils is the perfect go to. I always have a bottle of this in my house. This oil is 100% pure and perfect for use on the body, face, and hair. It helps to firm the breasts and can be used in creams, lotions, and lip balm.

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Fenugreek oil

Fenugreek oil has comparable qualities to what we discussed previously with almond oil in firming the breasts. Fenugreek oil usually works by tightening your skin surrounding the breast area. Fenugreek oil also enlarges the skin around the breast and hardens the breast. My nice little home made recipe I can share with you is to blend two teaspoons of fenugreek oil to about a teaspoon of ginger oil. Mix together and apply for the finest effects.

Here is what I use for my breast firming recipe. I massage this in my breasts once every 2 weeks.

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Clove oil

Many health and skin specialists believe that clove oil might help reduce the size of breasts.[6]

Clove oil is mostly made up of components that improve blood flow. As a result of this blood flow, the breast area's skin becomes firmer and tighter. In addition, clove oil's anti-inflammatory characteristics make it an excellent choice. Pregnant women may benefit significantly from clove oil's ability to alleviate breast pain and stiffness.

Pregnant women should, however, consult with a licensed aromatherapist before using essential oils.

Not the oil I use the most admittedly as part of my beauty regime but I do have the bottle below as its amazing for tooth pain.

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Lavender oil

Who doesn't love the smell of lavender oil? Lavender Essential Oil not only boosts blood circulation and helps to maintain supple and young skin but can also aid in firming up your breasts.

If you're looking to increase your breasts' tone and evenness, lavender essential oil is an excellent choice since it's packed with anti-inflammatories.

For example, the sun essentials lavender oil helps improve elasticity and firmness, keeping your chest looking young and fresh. Plus, it has a lovely lavender scent that will make you feel refreshed and invigorated.

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Primrose oil

Known for its skin revitalizing effects, primrose oil is a popular choice. Like many essential oils, primrose oil helps to increase blood flow.

Primrose oil is also advised by healthcare professionals as a therapy for breast discomfort.[7]

Breast massage has been hailed as a vital part of a woman's holistic health regimen by a number of medical specialists.[8] This is because it: maintains and repairs breast tissue, inhibits toxic build up, and aids in the removal of toxins from the breasts' tissues.

Loose or sagging breast skin responds favourably to the use of this well-known oil. Despite the fact that evening primrose oil is acceptable for most skin types, it is suggested that if you have sensitive skin, it should not be applied straight to the skin but should be mixed with olive or almond oil instead.

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As we've examined some of our favorite essential oils to see how they might aid in the suppleness and surface of your breasts, let's have a look at how to use them into a breast massage technique.

Essential oils may be used to massage your breasts in a variety of ways.

It is possible for essential oils to permeate the skin's outer layer, where they may feed and cure the skin's cells and tissues.

However, if you anticipate strong outcomes from utilizing these oils, you must be consistent. Using the essential oil that you like or that is best suited to your skin type will help you get the ideal massage.

Before applying your preferred oil, warm it between your hands by rubbing them together.

Make sure to rub your breasts with care.

In a circular and upward motion, massage the skin. Doing so will assist in improving breast blood flow.

what causes sagging breasts

Give yourself a pre-bedtime massage after a shower or bath in the morning or before bed.

Just 15 minutes of massage - don't overdo it!

At least twice a week, give yourself a good massage.

You should wait for at least six weeks before assessing the outcomes of your massage routine.

And finally…

Before using essential oils, you should visit a dermatologist or a qualified practitioner in the field of homeopathy.

Remember that not everyone has the same kind of skin, so results may vary, and if you have really sensitive skin, take additional measures and find out whether your selected oil is suited for your type of skin before using it.

Let us know if you have tried any of my recommended oils in the comments.

Juliana x


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