White Noise Player-3 mistakes parents make

White light is created by combining several colours of light. (A rainbow is created by splitting white light into all of its different hues.) Similarly, white noise is a combination of all distinct pitches of sounds.

A White noise player is an excellent tool for calming your infant and assisting him or her to sleep. However, there are several widespread misconceptions regarding how to use it. Some parents believe:

First White Noise Player Mistake: 'My baby sleeps so well, she doesn't require white noise.'

White noise is essential even for uncomplicated babies. It improves on a good night's sleep. It also helps to prevent the sleep crises that can devastate your life between the ages of four and twelve months!

After the fourth trimester, it is fairly normal for an infant's sleep to abruptly deteriorate. This is due to:

-The soothing reflex wears off.

-Babies become extremely social and awaken in the middle of the night when they hear small noises.

-Weaning from swaddling

-The teething process

All four factors contribute to an increase in sleep issues... just when you thought you had it figured out.

Using the correct white noise player will help you avoid these issues. Within a few weeks, your child will associate the noises with the pleasure of sleep. Oh, yeah, I know that sound... Now I'm going to have a lovely little nap. As she grows older, she will be able to sleep despite external distractions such as TVs and passing trucks, as well as internal distractions such as teething pain, small colds, and faint hunger.

Please keep in mind that you should not use a white noise player all day. Hearing your child's usual household sounds for many hours a day will help her understand the intricacies of all the intriguing noises around her, such as conversation, music, and so on.

White Noise Player Mistake No. 2: 'All white noise sleep noises perform equally well—wave, rain, natural noises.'

People talk about white noise as if it were a single entity. However, there are two sorts of white noise–high pitch and low pitch–and their effects are diametrically opposed!

High-pitched white noise is harsh, hissy, whiney, and irritating–imagine sirens, alarms, beepers, and shouts. These sounds are fantastic for attracting your attention (and soothing a crying baby), but they are bad for sleeping.

Low-pitched sound, on the other hand, is droning and hypnotic—imagine the constant rumbling of cars and planes, rain on the roof, or listening to a boring lecture. That sound is bad for attracting attention, but it is excellent for lulling us to sleep.

Womb sounds begin harsh and hissy, but the velvet womb walls and the sea of amniotic fluid around your baby filter out the high-pitched frequencies, leaving just a deep rumbling rumble.

Furthermore, constant sounds such as hair dryers or rain on the roof are far more effective than heartbeats, ocean waves, and nature noises.

Parents naturally utilise the appropriate pitch to quiet their baby's crying. They begin with a loud, hissy shhhh sound and gradually drop the pitch and volume as their child falls asleep.

'White noise noises for sleeping should be played as quietly as possible,' according to White Noise Player Mistake No. 3.

When your infant cries, you must first activate the calming reflex and then maintain it.

To activate it, make a forceful hissing sound that is as loud as the sobbing.

Hoovering is 75 decibels (dB), and hair dryers are 90 decibels (dB). But your baby outperforms them all! Her screams reach 100 decibels or higher! That's the sound of the Tube blaring only inches from her ear!

Once the outburst has subsided, keep the soothing reflex activated by playing a rumbly sounds with the intensity of a mild shower (65 to 70 dB). That's where Yum Yum Mama White noise player comes in.

white noise player

1. It features white noise, wave sounds, birdsongs, waterfalls, cricket sounds, and 3 lullabies.

2.Portable design: Only 8×8×3.3cm. It takes up a small space on the bedside table and can be easily put into your bag or suitcase, making it the perfect travel companion.
3.Not just for sleep: our white noise player machine not only masks noise, improves sleep quality, but is also suitable for use at home, in the office, in a dorm, in a baby nursery or anywhere you want.
4.Automatic shutdown timer: This white noise player machine can be played continuously non-stop all night or there is an auto-off timer to set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes to conserve energy.(light display).
5. It features a light display and according to the light, you can adjust the breathing in 10 minutes to make your body relaxed.
6.It features built-in lithium batteries and USB charging. It can be used continuously for 36h from a full charge.

The third white noise player mistake is not using the best white noise machine for babies.

white noise player

Not all white noise machines are made equal; most are incapable of producing the low rumbly noise that babies require. Furthermore, many switch off after a specific amount of time. Yum Yum Mama White noise player not only plays white noise that progressively increases in response to your baby's fussing, but it is also carefully engineered to simulate the low, rumbly sounds new-borns prefer.

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