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At a glance, Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Size 3 nappies:

These Mamia Ultra Dry Size 3 nappies protect your baby for up to 12 hours during the day and night. They absorb dampness up to two times faster, keeping your baby dry and fresh. It evenly distributes the liquid, preventing sagging and providing additional comfort. The thin form allows you greater mobility. The super stretchable sides and flexible leg cuffs help to keep leaks at bay. Mamia Ultra Dry Air System TM nappies are gentle and breathable on your baby's delicate skin. They have also been dermatologically tested and are hypoallergenic.

Mamia Ultra Dry Nappies Size 3 - Reviews

How has this product aided you in your daily life?

Lesley: Thank you. This nappy performs just as expected. The price is fantastic, and it has been my go-to nappy brand since day one. These nappies, in my opinion, are far superior to some of the more expensive brands, such as Pampers. The price is reasonable, therefore I believe these are accessible to anyone. This is a brand that you can pick up while shopping, and I believe that Aldi's are never too far away; there is always one nearby.

Esther: The major thing that makes my life as a mother simpler with this product is the price. These nappies represent outstanding value for money when it comes to disposable nappies. They are of outstanding quality for their low price, and are otherwise identical to other disposable nappies on the market in terms of simplicity of use, etc., even ones that cost much more.

Lydia says: These are my favourite nappies, which are conveniently available at the supermarket where we shop. The pricing per nappy is unbeatable, and they outperform the market leader. It's comforting to know I can pick them up with my regular grocery shopping and that stocking up won't increase my expenditure. The fit is good, there are no leaks, and they can withstand most poo eruptions.

Would you suggest it to other parents?

Lesley: I would definitely recommend these nappies because the pricing is reasonable and the nappies themselves are excellent. We had a few leaks here and there with these nappies, but I don't think it was the nappies' fault. I believe there was simply way too much. Because the price is low, you will save money and be able to invest it elsewhere. The nappies have won awards in the past and this was the reason I tried them and I can only expect them to win awards going forward.

Esther: I would recommend this product to a fellow mother based only on its affordable price. They perform the same functions as more expensive brands on the market. They have a great bright design, fold up well and compactly, so they fit easily into the changing bag, are thick and of good quality, and are simple to use. I enjoy how firmly they are packed into the outer packing, which means there is less excess plastic packing, which is better for the environment.

I like that they are packed tightly into the outer packaging, meaning there is little excess plastic packaging, which is better for the environment.

Lydia: I would and have recommended these to other mothers. Based on the price per nappy, the value for money is unrivalled. They can easily last 12 hours without leaking over the night and can even contain a morning poo on top of that. The nappies feature a cute design and are clearly labelled with the size, which is useful if you have many children that require different sizes of nappies. In conclusion, this product is PERFECT! It has a low price, a large capacity, no weird odours, and no leaks.

Would you pick this product over any other on the market?

Lesley: I would buy these nappies again and again since the pricing is wonderful, but I have also had no problems with the nappy. I believe the pricing is what makes it stand out the most, but so are the honours they have received. To be honest, I was hesitant to buy them because they were so inexpensive, but after trying them, there is no other brand I would trust. My kid does not appear to have an issue with them, and I have not experienced any diaper rashes while using them.

Esther: I have no difficulty in saying that yes, I would prefer this product over all others on the market, and yes, I believe it should win! It is not of worse quality than other, much more expensive brands on the market. The pricing is unquestionably what distinguishes this product. With two small children and being on maternity leave, money is obviously very important to me, but I would be crazy to pay more for other brands when this one performs just as well as, if not better than, some of them.

Lydia: This product should win since it offers excellent quality at an affordable price. Each nappy costs at least half the price of the market leader but performs just as well, if not better, in my opinion. It has a cute and unisex animal design, with the front and back of the nappy easily distinguishable by the animal drawing. That's such a cute little detail. It's helpful to have the size marked on the diapers so you can tell them apart. This diapers features a large capacity, a comfortable fit, and no leaks. Ideal for both day and night.

What modifications would you make to this product?

Esther- If I could change one thing, it would be the nappy designs. The animals on the nappies are pretty colourful and lively. They're adorable, but because they're so brilliant, you can see them through your clothes almost all of the time. Perhaps if the colour of the nappies was toned down little, you wouldn't notice them as much. This is a really picky explanation because I believe the nappy is the best overall and performs the job. I'm excited to see what the following sizes up are like, but I'm sure they'll be just as fantastic.

I'm excited to see what the following sizes up are like, but I'm sure they'll be just as fantastic.

Lydia: I don't believe I would change anything about this product! If I had to make something up, I would suggest that a line that changes colour as the nappy absorbs some liquid, like the smaller sizes, could still be useful at times even in this size nappies, because they are so absorbent that it is not always easy to discern. But I'm at a loss for what to say about this!]

Lesley: I wish these nappies came in a larger pack so I could bulk buy them because we go through a lot of them and I now buy two singles packs at a time. To reduce plastic waste, it would be ideal if they could be packaged in a cardboard box or compostable/recyclable container. Otherwise, I am satisfied with the product as is.

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